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  1. Wishing you the best of the Holiday Season!
  2. Wow, that sounds like a fantastic trip. The cruise thrown in will be great too. At least you have people to stay with here and there that should cut the cost down quite a bit, but still. Have a great time, I'm sure you will!!!
  3. We're flying to Rome on June 17th then going on a 7 day cruise on the 19th for a week. We'll be hitting - SICILY (MESSINA), ITALY; ATHENS (PIRAEUS), GREECE; EPHESUS (KUSADASI), TURKEY ; CHANIA (SOUDA),CRETE, GREECE and back to ROME (CIVITAVECCHIA), ITALY. We'll stay the night in Civitavechia and then flying off the next day to Basel, Switzerland where we will be staying with a friend for 5 days. We're then going to go to Cannes, France for the weekend and then heading over to London, England on July 4th where we'll be staying with a friend with a flat overlooking the Thames in Chelsea Court. Coming back home on the 9th of July. It will be a on the go-go vacation (except for the cruise) and should be fun. Just wish I actually had the money to pay for it! Oh well, you only live once and I can always make more money
  4. Thanks, she is a cutie. That striped kitten is very cute. I know what you mean I see soooo many at the Humane Society I'd like to bring home but I know my two would probably attack he/she! Although some people say they come around after a little while......I would think they'd like the company!!!!

    Anyways, enjoy tonight!
  5. thanks for the rep! sorry I have other plans tonight. seeing a local band at a bar near home. would have loved to have come though.... next time for sure
  6. Thanks but remember when you renew them, take good care of where you put them!!!!! Really this has driven me nuts over the last few weeks, really!!!! Take Care Coco!
  7. Thanks for your Christmas card! Stangely enough I got Coco antlers for our annual picture....didn't actually get around to getting it done though...oh well next time!
    All the best for the coming year!
  8. Best wishes this holiday season Coco!
  9. The socks work to conceal the same thing as the make up bag!

    Have a great time at the concert tonight, your lucky to be going!
  10. Thanks again, sure wish we could be going, I've always loved Aerosmith! Anyways, as they say its the thought that counts!
  11. NP! I tried most of the time but to no avail! Oh well, I was just glad to see I someone I could ask to go if I had scored!
  12. Hey, just noticed your offer to let me come with you if you won the Aerosmith tics! Thanks, I appreciate the thought, wish you had of won! I tried all day, damn it and missed out again!!! Two from the thread got through - lucky! Anyways, take care and have a nice night!
  13. I'm doing the 'country girl' thing tonite. I don't know who the first band is (I won't be there anyway as it starts at 4) and then the next act is Darius Rucker (of "Hootie and the Blowfish" fame, he's now a kick-ass country singer) and the main attraction is Brad Paisley who always puts on a great show. I've seen him twice already. Have the day off tomorrow. Should have taken today off LOL!
  14. HI, Sorry you lost your auntie! That's a drag when you have to waste time looking for someone and then never finding them! As for the concert itself, could you see really good. Jon is pretty nice to look at eh? I wish I hadn't missed the first act!

    They put on a good long show eh.

    Hope your not too tired today! Who is at the Ampitheatre tonight?
  15. The week is over now Coco, sorry you had a rough one. Too bad you forgot to mail your Dad's card, but at least you have a Dad that's around to mail on to!!! which is more than I have!!! Have a good weekend.
  16. Wow, that is expensive! That used to be scalper prices, now its regular prices!!! That shouldn't be allowed really. Anyways, it will be a great, great show, wish I was going. I tried all day yesterday, but couldn't get through! Have a good weekend Coco!
  17. Thanks for the congrats. I'm going to have to have a few garage sales this summer in order to pay for the ticket. $268.00 each! Ouch!!! Oh well, as I said you only live once. I also figure with these 'older' bands the likelyhood of them ever doing this stuff again is next to nil really. Have a gr8 weekend!
  18. i think i figured out where you went wrong. you have a space between the 'e' and the colon. try it without the space and it should work. so colon wave colon. good luck!
  19. Thanks, well that is weird! How did you get the to come at the end of the sentence you just sent?
  20. OMG! The wave worked below. I tuped in the words as they came up in the rep. Too funny! I didn't think about it actually working below. I'm suck a dork!!!.
  21. Thanks for the rep! No the wave didn't come thru. It just says . Oh well, it's the thought that counts
  22. I just sent you a wave symbol for a rep, did it come out as the symbol or did it just say wave? Just wondering I haven't put symbols for reps in before. Sounds like you a few concerts to go to!
  23. Thanks for the best wishes on the toe thing. I want to throw up each time I think about it!. My own fault apparently. It's suffered too much trama, and the 18L water bottle I dropped on it last week was the straw that broke the toenail - LOL! Better days ahead for us all! Amen!!!!
  24. Enjoy Rock of Ages, I'd love to see that! Sorry, about your toe, Yikes, that sounds scary, best wishes for a speedy recovery!
  25. Thanks. It seems they do pass it sometimes, but if they don't cats can be in big trouble. I don't even know for sure what happened, it was a long piece hanging out and stuck inside somehow, I don't know but she chewed through it. There really is nothing I can do except hope for the best! Take care! P.S. nice pic of you and coco!
  26. Hugs to You! Hopefully Amy will pass the string one way or the other. You can do anything about it, so just keep your eye on her and wait it out. Easier said than done I know....
  27. Happy Birthday Ecat444! I picked a graphic, but after several attempts and a half hour later decided to give up!
    Oh well, it's the thought that counts anyway!
  28. Amy thanks you for the hug! Yes, she seems fine today. Thankfully I guess she was just acting a little different and I thought the worse. I guess she just didn't feel like coming down the stairs, although it was a little unusual at breakie time! I guess I worry too much because I know how very sad I would be if anything happened to that cute little furball!
  29. Is Amy any better today? Coco sends hugs!
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