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  1. too bad, it was GREAT! & very loud, even more so than Saga. i will post my review shortly. looking forward to the winter sessions.
  2. glad to hear the concert was good. long story short, my aunt and her gang decided not to come, and I wouldn't have had a ride home, so i didn't go. Oh well, next time... I'm sure they'll have a Qbash over the winter....
  3. that's my thought exactly. it's free, what the hay. it's unlikely that we'll see them again. see you there.
  4. yup, I'll be there again...why not
    as it's the last of Q107 Classic Thursday series...
  5. ahhh! that's not so bad then... somehow I'm still in Monday mode. I actually have been entering since Friday LOL!
  6. thanx for the birthday wishes & the rep.
  7. hopefully you'll be back in action for the weekend.
    take care.
  8. Thanks for the advice on how to get well quick
  9. thanx for the rep. it was a relaxing evening. hope you're having a great weekend.
  10. have a great time tonight. have one for me.
  11. thanx for the rep. i've never been, but i think i would like to see it once. wonder who he's taking to the awards banquet?
  12. Thanks for the rep. LA is over-rated. We only need one 'techies' to cover the broadcast and all the satellite uplinks. I work on the sales end of things with the company so no need for me to go! It would be nice to catch a glimpse of Geoge Clooney live in person though
    He's getting the humaniarian award this year for the Haiti Benefit he coordinated.....
  13. thanks for the heads up! the acoustics always suck at the Dome, so no expectations there! (that's why I prefer the ACC!) will have a report tomorrow!
  14. hope you have a great time. not to spoil it or anything, but one of the guys that works here went to last night's concert. said that the concert itself was great, but they didn't have the A/C on & it was really warm & the acoustics suck. apparently it echos.
  15. You're welcome! Good to be back. Been a rough couple of weeks on both the professional and personal fronts, so I just haven't been into much of anything...but I'm slowly getting there!
  16. thanx for the rep. good to see you back.
  17. Happy Belated Birthday!
    Just catchin' up on the weekend now.
    May the coming year be good to you!

  18. You're welcome! Will let Coco know she has another fan
  19. thanx. i love your kitty cat, he/she is beautiful.
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