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  1. thanks Tina,will get that posted out asap.
  2. thanks address is :
    Tina Lewis
    box13 site2 rr2
    port au port,Nl
  3. ya,sure. I have 5 tena coupons for $2. each expiry 6/30/2012.send your addy and i will pop in the mail tomorrow.I will take any food coupons after feb,2012
    kathy downey
    p.o box 717
    stephenville crossing
  4. Hi Kathy, by any chace do you have any coupons for teena,poise or depends.I'm looking for some for my grandmother,if you have some let me know and what you would like for them.Thanks Tina
  5. things are going good just have to get going on the gift buying and wrapping.
  6. busy busy,had the grandkids. never got much done the ,wrapping gifts,cooking going to be a busy few weeks.hope all is well with you.
  7. hi how are you doing
  8. love the pic
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