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  1. hi-cath i am not sure if our stores in ontario accept french cpns (i will ask) so i will hold on the offer of you sending me some -thank you thou.If it is too hard to use i will pass .I will let you know what they say,whenever i go out next .
  2. Hi coupon girl!!! Does yours stores accept french coupons where you live.If so I found more kellogs coupons of special k any in french and I can send some to you(I readed your post) If so can you kindly pm your addy and I will mail today when I will go out.Thanks
  3. Wow .25 cents for tomato soup that is a bargain for sure .Thanks for the comment have a good week.
  4. Thanks for the birthday wishes -i had a great time at the keg last night with hubby -even got my meal free as the screwed up ,so they made me another plate and i took most home so a nice leftover meal again tonight.
  5. Happy Birthday to you again!!! Have a good one!!!! Take care
  6. thanks for the rep -it was 5 hard hot days without air in our house ,but now we have a new air conditioner and furnace -pretty happy here now
  7. About your post in the brag section of people peeling peelies coupons...I hate that annoying.Have a good week and take care!!!! Wanted to rep this comment but it did not let me
  8. Thanks cath -yes the price of eggs this morning $1.99 was a 2 day special at shoppers -we havent seen that price in months .My dear grandson will be coming to stay at our house from toronto ,so he loves scrambled eggs .
    Have a nice weekend ,take care.
  9. Thank you for the nice comment of my brag
  10. happy thanksgiving cathy -thanks for the wishes
  11. Have a great Sunday!!!
  12. Congratulations for the TOP T mention!!! Have a great sunday
  13. thanks for the reps cath-have a good weekend
  14. thanks for the Halloween wishes cath -have a good weekend
  15. thanks cath for the rep -life is hard and we have some hard ups and downs-take it one day at a time and nice to see you commenting on here -take care hon
  16. cathy thanks for the Halloween wishes -have a great day
  17. thank you cathy for the wonderfull thanksgiving wishes
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