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  1. Hope you are able to get some relief in your knee to enjoy gardening.
  2. Yes darn it all gardening with my one bad arthritic knee ,not fun .Have a great day .
  3. You have a great week too
  4. harbie thanks for the morning reps -have a great week.
  5. Thanks for the nice happy saturday rep -i am a little tired due to watching "cara " age 4 granddaughter.Just on here relaxing before bed.Have a good weekend !
  6. thanks for the kind words about my older brother harbie ,have a nice weekend.
  7. I’m so sorry about your brother . Biggest hugs sent your way.
  8. You’re welcome. Have a great day
  9. Thanks for the hugs and rep.
  10. you are welcome
  11. thanks for the answer about sunpac, i have had the coupons for years, didnt want to trade if they are outdated-thanks for the info
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