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  1. Thanks harbie for the nice message ,my doctor told me to stop these new meds .So an improvement for me .Thanks for the kind words .
  2. Just wanted to say I hope you feel better soon. Hopefully it won’t take long to adjust and you’ll be back to your old self soon ( I don’t mean that you’re old ). Thanks for the support on my post
  3. Mine came with marriage. I’ve had ups and downs with sleep since getting married years ago. So I blame my husband
  4. Thank you i guess lack of sleep comes with age and whatever else.
  5. Oh no. Sending quick recovery vibes to them
  6. hi harbie -yes my dear daughter does have covid the 2nd time and my dear grandson who is 6 had a high fever yesterday ,so not sure if he has it also
  7. Hope you are able to get some relief in your knee to enjoy gardening.
  8. Yes darn it all gardening with my one bad arthritic knee ,not fun .Have a great day .
  9. You have a great week too
  10. harbie thanks for the morning reps -have a great week.
  11. Thanks for the nice happy saturday rep -i am a little tired due to watching "cara " age 4 granddaughter.Just on here relaxing before bed.Have a good weekend !
  12. thanks for the kind words about my older brother harbie ,have a nice weekend.
  13. I’m so sorry about your brother . Biggest hugs sent your way.
  14. You’re welcome. Have a great day
  15. Thanks for the hugs and rep.
  16. you are welcome
  17. thanks for the answer about sunpac, i have had the coupons for years, didnt want to trade if they are outdated-thanks for the info
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