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  1. LOL...I've been good but going through tons!!!! How about you? Why are you!? DS had dental surgery....very stressful day last Monday. PLus the IBI was a bust....idiots were teaching him bad behaviours like going pee on the toilet with your clothes on!!!!!!!
  2. Hi Koolaid! Long time no 'speak' not been on SC much. How are you? K
  3. So far so good too! It's just too hot though! Little guy is starting his ABA/IBI therapy next week. He's been on the wait list for 4 years for this....better be worth it..especailly since they want me to pull him out of school for it!
  4. Summer is going good for me... and how about you? How is your little man doing?
  5. Hey haven't heard from you in a bit! How's your summer going?
  6. Happy belated birthday!!!! Hope you had a great one!!!
  7. It was so good FINALLY meeting you too!!! Hope you have a great Mother's Day tomorrow!!!
  8. Thanks for the Rep! I really am looking out for stuff for your sale, so I might give you a call once I get more things boxed. Hope you are well. So good to meet you finally!
  9. You rock sister!!!!!! Let me know when you want to come drop off everything (or if it's not alot I can come get it....small car)! (Oh...and went to metro this!!! But I did get 40 airmiles so that was cool!)
  10. Oh almost forgot - sure do have stuff you can add to your garage sale.
  11. LOL so, did not clear out all the coupies.. I think I left one or two for you... just kiddiing!
  12. I know what your talking about ...crazy busy myself!!! I fell asleep yesterday filling out paperwork for the school...and DS emptied the dryer for me while I was snoozing!! LOL! We are good...just on a sugar high from Easter! Working on our Autism Walk donations and our garage sales (if you have anything you don't want by all means drop it at my place....think I am going to do the sale on the 14th here and 28th at Mom's in Scarborough). So glad you get to see your boy! Did he not get to come home for easter???

    Note to self...CCJ has cleared out all the coupies at store!!
  13. Hey Koolaid! Yes it has been forever! Crazy busy times. tomorrow I get to see my son, his last exam was tonight.. looking forward to that so much. How you doing? How is DS? Any good deals in Ajax? Here it is quiet...tho' I did get some good coupies at Metro today.

  14. I just realized that I haven't heard from you in forever!!! How is everything going????
  15. Happy Easter to you and your family!!!!!
  16. Thanks for the Rep!
  17. Mom's was cool...we are going to do part two when my niece and nephew come down for a visit on Friday afternoon. (The cake and present part...she said save the big excitement for them!) I just bought 3 new coupon holders...seperated everything by food, toiletries, and household cleaners and goods. I can't believe how many I have! Glad to hear your getting the stitches out and everything is healing well! Do you feel a difference yet??
  18. Hi Kool! How you doing... I am busy trying to trade and sort coupies and tomorrow my stitches come out.. oh joy! How was mums birthday.. lotsa fun I`ll bet.

    Thanks for the rep!
  19. Your too funny!!! (Good thing I checked your No worries at all! There's always next time. I spent yesterday cutting up my 7 smartsources from my recycle walk (yes I went out in the Trying to get all the laundry done now before going to my Mom' sister can't wait to get her free deoderant from me!
  20. So glad the cast is off! Soon you will be back to normal...wondering if you would be for next Friday. Here's the deal, my girlfriend just cancelled on me and everyone else I know is in I have an extra ticket for Air Supply at Rama if you want to come with me. I will drive up...gas on me! I usually leave around 3ish to get up there for 4:30ish, eat a cheap dinner, gamble then watch the show. Let me know if you could make it! As for Saturday, my sister is coming down for the weekend and we are having an early birthday party for my Mom (birthday's monday.). I wish I could go though...
  21. Awesome! I love the good news on the swim pass! WTG!!! Virtual High 5 for the next Michael Phelps! LOL Bianca, my daughter got stuck on level 3.. we did that like three times before she passed. You are way too funny re. the 16 bottles... I won't even dare count mine. ha ha! I got the cast removed but sutures are there.. so not too sure when I will be back behind the wheel. Forgot to check with the dr. today. Nope, still have not gotten around to getting the ziplock. $2 off on the Irish Spring soap (x 6 bars). Price matched with the FBasics flyer of $1.97 - rinse and repeat 8 packs and two BW later! BF did some and I did some, the BW marked down to $2.50 so that great @ 50 cents a piece. All price matched at Z which meant the 10% discount was there too. Nice! Thanks for the invite we are going to meet up just have to figure out when I am able to.

    BTW, a few ladies are catching up on Sat. Ashley Robertson, Lshortt...are you in on the coupon rendezvous?

  22. Let me know...your welcome to come over here if you like. My hubby most likely won't be home and I will have the little man to myself for the entire March Break! (Just found out today they decided to add Friday to the break...a big surprise!! Why on the first day of the new!) Funny you mentioned Valita (can't spell)...their gloves were $1.79 at RCSS...used my $1.00 coupie..they did get me though...I had to get two! Didn't know what size I was...LOL! Thanks for the Tide tip but I actually have 16 bottles and 2 boxes of detergent...I have to use some up before I buy more!

    The little man just passed his swim 1 tonight!!! I am so proud!! I thought it would be another 2 years before he passed! I'm a gleeming Mom!

    Did you get your Ziplocks??
  23. Yes, we must get together. I have a Wagjag voucher so will be in Ajax.. not sure whent tho... BTW. they have the Tide on sale for just over 5 bucks and you can use the $5wub2 - pretty sweet! LOL Broom is $10 (vileda) and there is a $2 coupon in the new SS. How you doing? How is the little man enjoying all the awesome sunshine?
  24. So happy everything went well! Your mummy raps must have been a pain in the shower! You will have to let me know how it goes at the doctor! Do you have any plans this week? We should get together!
  25. Done, over last Wed. Tomorrow I go back to the dr and hopefully all is healed well inside. Felt like a 'mummy' with one outstretched bandaged arm. LOL
  26. No problem! So when is your surgery?
  27. Thanks for the msg and the info. re. the ziplock.
  28. Oh I'm glad it's nothing had me scared for a minute! You could ask if you could take a mp3 player in with you so you could listen to it instead of snip snip! (And if you do happen to hear...they are really clipping coupons!) I really hope everything goes well for you! The Ziplocs were on sale awhile ago at Walmart but not anymore...The only place you can still get them for $2 is at my RCSS (haven't checked yours yet)...they are the Christmas the back by the milk. You have to print the coupon from . They only let you print one from a single email address. That's how I got them.
  29. It will be fine it is nothing major, CTS is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Dreading it more because of the local Anesthesia.. apparently you can hear them 'snipping' away! Ouchie! Anyhows, hopefully it its not too eventful. How you guys doing the free Ziplocks? I have not figured that one out.
    Had this posted on my page in error! LOL
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