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  1. thanks moe you're a sweetie
  2. Your senior member gave me a shout, and your all set to go. She will pm you probably a bit later today. Have fun and if you still need anything, just give me a shout, Moe.
  3. Ok, sent a message, just waiting to hear back from the senior member. If you need anything in the meantime, just give a shout.
  4. yaaaa thank you
  5. Hey there, that's good news. I will get ya a great senior from the west who can help ya out.
  6. hi yeaaa I'm so excited! I already made 2 trades today, I'm not sure what else there is to learn but I'm guessing I have a lot more to learn since I'm still so new. I can stack, I attempted it the other day with the chocolate bar coupons, next time I'm going to try getting more, I'm rambling, sorry this site is just awesome though!!
  7. Hey there, please let me know if you are able to stack or not, that way I will set ya up with a senior member who knows about that kind of stuff, Moe.
  8. Hey there, get a couple more posts in and get back to me about being adopted. What area of Canada are you in? We will try and set ya up with someone from your way, and welcome to sc, Moe.
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