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  1. Thank you for the greetings McSkier. It's snowing here and has been off and on for a couple of days. Makes a nice change from dealing with the ice we have been blessed with due to cold and then above freezing weather. Cheers for the New year to you.
  2. merry christmas
  3. what what did I miss your so sorry..hope it was's mty western friend fairing these days ???
  4. No snow yet McSkier. I am surprised, but we will probably get a snowfall for Halloween - usually do. It was sunny today and fairly warm. A very nice indian summer.
  5. how's the snow your way...................
  6. Thanks for the rep and hello (shake paw?) to Miss Aussie Girl
  7. Thanks again for the reps McSkier.
  8. Re your 05/10 message - not a skier. Do the occasional cross country. Haven't been to Banff for this yet. Have been there in the summer and love it there. Was just out to Charlotte Lake for the last week - out west of Williams Lake - and got back yesterday. Wether is still sunny there and here but getting colder. Brr. I see you "think snow" so guess you ski?
  9. Thanks for the three reps I have no responded to yet - well I am now. And happy turkey day. For me it was chicken - had to work today - but it all about the day not so much the meal. Anyways, hope yours was good too.
  10. how are things on the western front? Do you get to Banff at all in the winter to ski...I love it there
  11. Howdy and thanks for the rep
  12. Thanks for the rep. Cheers
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