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  1. So what's your plans for the long weekend?
  2. I watched all of them up to the current season that is on now and this is all I have to say
  3. Yup, I did. I refused to look at the diirty laundry, dishes or any type of chores for the day LOL. I spent the day watching The Good Wife
  4. Morning - I heard you spent Mother's Day in bed?
  5. Nope, I am still quite sick :-(. I am awaitng lab results.... Will have to postpone our usual coffee date tonight unfortunately
  6. You feeling any better? Riley is hoping you are....
  7. Stay safe if your out driving, heard on the radio this morning Headingley to Brandon was closed
  8. Drive safe on your way to see Abigail - would have texted you but I wiped my phone by accident and have no one's numbers lol
  9. Don't forget to use up your $2 Old Dutch chips coupons that expire today!!!!

  10. FYI - NO MORE Tequila I just finally got my butt up like 2 hrs ago!!
  11. PinkFlamingo good for another 2hrs 45minutes
  12. Yup, you left it here LOL
  13. did I leave that Bombers Tim's card at your house lol......can't find it anywhere
  14. smackdown good until 5pm
  15. good until just before 8pm

  16. KindleFire
  17. LastChance
  18. link broken but go now
  19. TodaysSpecial - good until a little after 10am
  20. Started a new train if you are interested
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