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  1. We had a great time shopping at LD and WM yesterday. 5 1/2 hours later, I had spent just under $150 (some of which were actually groceries and no coupons) and coupon savings of about $245. Woohoo!!!

    I couldn't have done it without Jade and Sherry helping me out. I got the hang of the languages after a while but I lacked many of the coupons that allowed overages or brought products down to zero. But Jade and Sherry were extremely generous and donated coupons to the newbie so I could get a better deal. We cleaned up at WM at St.Vital with the Olay and Gillette coupons which gave us some overages for the rest of our purchases because we bought the little travel size products.

    You'll have to come with us next time. I think we better take the Van or maybe rent a U-haul, though! : )

  2. How was your LD trip today??
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