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  1. labour day is going as good as any other day lol Just sitting here at the computer doin' my thing haha with a sore throat though
  2. hope you have a great Labour day as well!
  3. Thanks for the rep

    Hope you're enjoying your weekend.

  4. Good to know!! Thanks for letting me know. I had never heard of a company doing things like that...especially just emailing some random person so I was very wary. But its great to know it was legit.
  5. Thanks for the rep
  6. Thanks for the rep
  7. Anytime!! ...and you're very welcome
  8. Thanks so much for the rep points back in june! I have been here for awhile but really didnt get into posting until recently so I really didnt understand the whole rep points thing...but now I do and found your message and wanted to thank you so much! I hope you have a wonderful day!
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