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  1. Happy Easter!
  2. A gastric bypass eh? I guess you would have to choose your foods wisely because you can only eat just a bit each time right? Do you have to take lots of vitamins? Did you get the Multibionta bzz campaign? Some people really like that vitamin, but it says on the box that if you have liver problems not to take it, so I wonder if it would affect you .... - I guess stomach and liver are not the same, so.... Have a great day tomorrow!
  3. I do have an ice cream maker. I've got to make it with protein powder as after having gastric bypass everything becomes about getting in protein first. Should make for some interesting experiments.
    You know DQ has a sign up list, as many birthdays as you can come up with could keep you in BOGO blizzard coupons. Not as good as peanut buster parfaits, but how knows, maybe you get lucky and someone can use it on a pb parfait instead of on a blizzard.
  4. Yes, those peanut buster parfaits are DH's fave. And in the Edmonton SUTP coupon book, there are 2 coupons for BOGO peanut buster parfaits - sigh. They are both used up already though, but a friend is going to give me hers . Sugar free ice cream sounds great! Do you have an ice cream maker?
  5. Oh man, I miss the good old DQ days. I blame peanut buster parfaits for at least 50 of the pounds I lost. This summer I will be making sugar free ice cream, cause I still like my treats.
  6. Mmmmm - i LOVE sundaes - just had one from DQ the other day. - Strawberry is my fave
  7. You have a great sundae too
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