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  1. Happy Easter!

  2. lol well at least if you have kids you know what not to act like when they grow up
    too bad we didn't have the same mother-in-law though we could gang up on her!
  3. Oh I hear ya. My boyfriend's mother acts like she knows what's best for him and apparently I am far from best. We have been living happily together for 2 years now and she really knows nothing about him, let alone me. Things would be so much easier if she would just accept things! She always makes it look like SHE is the one being hurt. Aaaarghh.
  4. lol would be funny if we did, but can't be it's horrible though! like they go out of their way to make you feel like you don't belong but make it look like its your fault too because they act so "nice"
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