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  1. Congrats my friend! It was a 3 GRAND performance today!
  2. Going with my son-in-law, DD, let me know where we can hook-up before the show. I would like to get to it around 7:00 as well. Maybe Honeymoon Suite at the Sound Academy afterwards, I have a driver! Take care.
  3. I see Steve already answered! Sounds like a plan!
  4. Hi Elmo,
    Just read last night's posts. My wife is meeting me downtown around 6pm for a quick bit. We can certainly get together to eat. I'll go check out restaurant in the area over lunch, and let you know exactly when/where we're meeting. I do want to be at the theater around 7pm, so my wife and I can sit together, hopefully in half decent seats... I'll let WolfDio know about our plans as well.
  5. Hey db band! Hope to see you at Conan!
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