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  1. Congratulations on your upcoming promotion!! Yes, I face the door, so I'm lucky that way - although lately I've been too stupid busy to be on here during the day anyway... (I'm home today.... I had some dental surgery this morning.... ) Hopefully we'll see you back on the Q thread soon!!
  2. Hi Lee, yes, I have not been around the Q thread ever since our office move. For some weird reason, the Internet feed from Q doesn't work there, so I had to switch station. On top of that, I have my back to the door in my new office, and anyone who walks in can see my computer screen, so I don't like being on the smart canuck Site anymore.

    Good news, though. My boss is finally retiring, so I'll take his place. I'll try to organize my new office so that my computer screen don't face the door.
  3. Yes.. You're right... I would go to Square One before Yorkdale... it is better.... thanks for the rep!!
  4. Thanks for the birthday wishes. Couldn't have asked for nicer weather!
  5. Thank you for the rep!!! Hope you have a great night!!
  6. Thanks very much for the reps!! Have a great week!!
  7. Thanks for the rep!!! Enjoy the rest of your week-end!!
  8. Thanks for the rep!!! Have a great week-end!!!
  9. lol... thanks for the reps!! even Andit didn't realize the "s" so she didn't add me on the recap list.... that's ok.... lol....

    Have a great night!!!
  10. Thanks for the reps!!! Hope you have a great night!!!
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