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  1. Hey, So coffee sounds great - not sure if I will be in Sudbury this week, but the week after I will definitely be in town. I am in New Sudbury.
  2. if you would like to have coffee this week sometime let me know
  3. So looking through the flyers this morning trying to find good coupon deals! lol, this has definitely become a part time job! How is your day going?
  4. its out by livly.. not to far
  5. nice weather, it was so nice out yesterday....
  6. Thanks for the friend request. I am semi new to Sudbury! No clue where Whitefish is, but I am certain I can figure it out!
  7. hello ,how was your day.mine was good nice pic of the baby,to sweete they grow up so fast. maby we could get togeter for coupns and coffee if you would like , i live in whitefish let me no
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