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  1. LOL - now I remember. Ensure Glucerma - crossed my wires
  2. Awww...wish I could take credit (I'm the Glucerna queen)!
  3. Hi there - I received an envie with 2 ensure cheques and lots of olive oil - was it from you? There was no address, no postage marking, no clues? Just realized it might have been yours.
  4. Thanks Dee for the rep.
  5. Ah - love the bunny deevious.
  6. You too! Have a super 2011.
  7. A little late....Happy New Year!! Health and happiness to you in 2011

  8. Happy Halloween

  9. Happy Thanksgiving Day!
  10. Just popping in to say hi...hope you have a great weekend!
  11. Hope you have a wonderful 2010!!
  12. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas! Would love to chat sometime
  13. From one hamper maker to another - cheers!

  14. Dee - happy Tuesday - is this your dog? here's my pooch.

  15. Happy Weekend Dee!
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