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  1. Hey you! Thanks for the reppers! Sorry for not saying hi, was on and off in a flash that's everything your way? I'm still having a bit of a time navigating around on here - I'm sure it's not rocket science, but not great with change!
  2. Hi!! Belated Happy Easter to you I've been away for a bit, but I'm back! Missed you too! Edit: OMG, I missed your birthday too! Belated Happy Birthday my friend, hope it was WONDERFUL!
  3. I am sad without you where are you???????????????????? : (
  4. Thanks so much : )
  5. I hope you have/had a wonderful Thanksgiving!!
  6. lol it is your little yellow mountain box reamber copy and paste lol
  7. Hi!! How are you? I need a refresher on how to post pics, that was too cute!
  8. **shakes head** Older DD's got it all figured out, will check with the other one when she gets home LOL!!
  9. lol I was at work today so just seen the drama lol
  10. been doing ok same old same old lol
  11. Hiya!! I've been working by myself for the past week (and next week too)s ! I can't believe how busy it's been, usually I have good karma Anyhow, how have you been?
  12. Thanks for the rep of course you can join our groupie lol
  13. And you know I am pulling you leg lol right?
  14. Oh my...don't think that didn't cross my mind LOL ...just pm'd you!
  15. Thankyou I am very anal and like to match everything took me forever to find a new pic. I am still waiting for you pm I have been up all night sitting here......
  16. Beautiful picture!
  17. I will be here
  18. OMG, you're too funny! Me too though...I'm completely disoriented..maybe not stinky yet!! I'm gonna pm you in a bit (just another one of my goofy questions)! Just gotta pick DD up from work
  19. I am wreck havn't slept, havn't eaten havn't showered...sniff sniff..oh that is what that smell is lol
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