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  1. Thanks for the rep!
  2. Yup! I can't believe him, and when Bev Oda was outed for lying, he said "you win some, you lose some", does he mean by hiding things with his "veil of transparency"? Kind of awful.
  3. I though I was the only one who thought this...a very scary bunch indeed! I am not a fan of American-style politics, and scare tactics being used on me. Dictatorship sums it up!
  4. Probably quite a bit, for a party that ran on transparency and what not, they seem to be the most controlling in a dictatorship type of way. I just...don't trust this party, they leave me feeling nervous, especially if they were to get a majority...
  5. Just did al whole bunch of reading myself...not impressed! I'm wondering what other things are being withheld? Can hardly wait till Tuesday
  6. I actually did a lot of research on the money spent in Clement's riding for the "G8" summit, leaves a bad taste in the mouth really.
  7. Hehe thanks. His values frighten me, and I think I would sh*t my pants if I were ever in the same room as his right hand man, John Baird, he has such a temper on him! Oh em gee. (can you tell I watch CPAC?)
  8. Thanks so much for the rep...very kind of you!
  9. Hi! Thanks for the my post, and did I sound cranky (oops!)
  10. Thanks so much! Have a great w/end!
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