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  1. Hi, Dee! Yeppers, that bag thing is THE bomb!
    Thank you for the rep, Sweetie!

    Ps...I just want to squish your doggie to bits!!!!
    And nibble her (his?) ears! Yes, I do that to always generates a kiss...
  2. I'm SO glad Jenny's feeling better...I was worried about her!
  3. Thanks for the rep, and kind words!! Sounds like you had a fantastic, memorable birthday....a wonderful day for a wonderful person!!
  4. LOL...I can only hope, but wouldn't bet on it!
  5. Hi, Deevious!
    Thank you for the rep...sorry I can't rep you back yet, but I will!
    Hon, that's something I could never do: foster animals. My good grief, our house would be full of them that I couldn't part with! Yes, I think you and I read the same thing in her posts....she's keeping him!
    At least you'll get some money out of it, girl! LOL!!
    Take care, Hon!
  6. A little late....Happy New Year!! Health and happiness to you in 2011
  7. she (puppy) at your house yet??
  8. AND your doggie. Let's not forget our doggies.
    And mine.
    When we get her. On the ends the peace and quiet of our home! LOL!!!
    Nice meeting you on here, too, a valuable addition to what's good about this site!
  9. Thanks so much glad I found SC and the wonderful people like you!!
  10. Thank you for understanding, Hon....'only a dog' is the one of the cruelest phrases in the world! What they do for us? How their only aim is to please us? Not many humans can come close to that kind of loving affection....I just rec'd new photos of Jenny....oh, she's dumpling!!
    We had to find a small dog this time since we want to continue to travel and so many hotels now accept small dogs, as well as our DD and her DH......But if I had my way? It would be a 10-acre farm with a gaggle of Great Danes mixed in with a copious amount of border collies!

    'Night, Sweets!...Lynn
  11. I SO understand what you mean (tears streaming down my face right's all good ) It's a huge void, and I'll never get when people say "it's only a dog..." They are family! I will be broken-hearted some day...hopefully not too soon! I'll be sure to give him a big hug from you...keep me posted on your new addition Hugs, Dee
  12. Well Spike looks like a very alert, loving doggie. OMG..those ears!! Perhaps you saw a photo on my page of our precious Tammy..she passed away last February from cancer and I know you would understand this, but I just could not (absolutely not) sit on our patio this past summer with her not being there. Oh, I of wine...good book....settled nicely on my swing..then the tears would start. Gather everything up and head back into the house. I could sit there with my husband if we chatted, but..otherwise, no. Usually this time of year we'd light a fire out back....but...she's not there, so I can't do that, either. At first I felt I could never have another dog...but puppy-fever always gets me and I realized that the love our Tammy had for everyone would (I know I sound crazy) mean she'd want to see another pup enjoying the life she had...

    Oh, don't get me started on dogs! See what happens??!!

    You take good care, Sweetie...and give Spike a big snuffle for me! Hugs...Lindi
  13. He is my fur-baby (well not so baby ) His name is Spike...long story how we got him, but has been "the best dog ever"! Jenny is absolutely you can't wait to get her home! It's the unconditional love that really gets me
  14. Thank you, that your fur-baby?! Um...fur-teenager?
    Did you see the pic of our newest addition to our family on my home page, Jenny? Two more weeks and we get to take her home! I can't wait!!
    Aren't doggies just a little lower than Angels?
    Nice to meet you, too, Hon!!
    Hope you're having a lovely weekend!
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