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  1. Thanks for the rep!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving!!
  3. Thanks for the rep!
  4. Thanks for the "autumn" rep!
  5. Beautiful! Once agaiin, a great start to my day..thank you!!
  6. Thanks much!! I would never have thought of JC as profound...I'm pleasantly surprised!
  7. Good morning! Once again you have started my day off with a wonderful, profound thought...thanks SO much!
  8. That quote is too funny...what a great way to start my day, thanks!
  9. Hi Nat! So you like DWTS's "bad boy" (Maks) do I!
  10. Hi Natalka! Thanks for the should start a new inspirational thread "Quotes to Live By" Love 'em
  11. thanks for the why didn't I think of that before?!? LOL
  12. A little late....Happy New Year!! Health and happiness to you in 2011
  13. Hi! Thanks for the rep Natalka...I`ve been away for a few days, just got back so I`m a little behind on the thank you`s!
  14. Good morning and thanks for the rep! What a great way to start my day Looks like another 5 cm of snow headed our way (on top of the 10 we just got)! Oh well, it's pretty
  15. Thanks so much glad I found SC, and the wonderful people on here!
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