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  1. Merry Christmas!!!!
  2. Good morning! How have ya been? How's the little feathery one doing (did you ever post pics)? Must be SOOOO cute! Great avatar BTW!
  3. Poppin in to say hello
  4. He sure is
  5. Hello gf, I am doing ok ty for asking, how have you been?
  6. Hey you!! How are you doing.....SOO glad to see you back!! I'm off on a mini-weekend holiday to the big city! Woohoo!!
  7. ohhhhh so happy to hear that!!!! xoxo
  8. Hi! He's just fine...a long month, but couldn't ask for better care! And, thank you my friend!
  9. Thank you xoxo
  10. You just made my day....glad you're my friend on here too!!
  11. lol, yeah, told ya I was cranky lol. People can be so ignorant and duh.
  12. You kicked her cart down the aisle??? OMG..that is TOO funny!! I can only dream of actually doing that...LOL
  13. I'm up to my eyeballs in snow, but I'll try! LOL...You have a great weekend too!
  14. Have a wonderful weekend
  15. Thanks gf, Hope you had a great day. My husband didn"t even know it was V day lol
  16. Hi there, how are ya doing?
  17. awwwwwwwwww Thank you gf xoxox. I missed you too!!! Post away, one can never have too many posts lol.
  18. A BIG, HUGE welcome back!! I missed you...(sorry, just one more post LOL)
  19. made me LOL again!! You're very welcome LMK if they work out for the meantime, I'm on the "Glucerna hunt" for you! LOL
  20. Holy crap lol, THANK YOU so much for all the boost diabetic coupons. They came in just now. WOW!!! Thank you!!!!
  21. no worries lol, better late then never Thank you.
  22. A little late....Happy New Year!! Health and happiness to you in 2011
  23. Merry Christmas, May you have a happy and healthy new year
  24. Merry Christmas
  25. lol. Lifes to short to squabble esc over coupons, glad ya got a laugh! I still however still think I'm pretty cool with my toothbrush, however I didn't add that it was a small spiderman one lmao, yeah, I'ma dork lol. Have a great night!!
  26. OMG, that "stacking" thread (although serious at times) was too had me LOL for 10 mins....I got a toothbrush for .99 the other day
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