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  1. Thanks, may you and yours have a year of abundant blessings.
  2. If only there was an easier way to learn!
  3. Thanks so much Skippy (belated or not)! It was a loooong 3 months, very grateful how things turned out...funny how you learn what's important, and what really isn't
  4. You're most welcome.
    Weekends are the best!
  5. Thanks much for the rep Skippy...I hope you have a great weekend!!
  6. Thank you Skippy, we are truly blessed! Really puts things in more tiny hurdle and all should be OK! Thanks again!
  7. Memory lane is what I got on a lazy Sunday afternoon/evening!
  8. Thanks Skippy...I had forgotten all about those!! Fun going down memory lane I'll be searching for them next time I shop LOL
  9. Thanks for the rep Skippy! I try to help in a little way....hope someone is listening. Hope you have a wonderful weekend
  10. Thanks so much for the rep Skippy! It was a great trip, and I "adopted" 7 other kids...all curlers! Really funny when they all called me "mom" and I answered to it!
  11. Thanks for the congrats glad I found SC, and wonderful people like you!
  12. Thanks Skippy...don't know where the time went, I blinked!
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