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  1. Sorry everyone,Skippy has left SC for awhile.

    He's not very well at the moment.
  2. Thanks ,Skippy, hope you are having a great 2009 also.
  3. Hi Skippy, how are you?
  4. That is true,she is sweet.
  5. Skippy. I'm sorry to hear that you are having a bad day today.We didn't have our Thanksgiving dinner yet. We will on my day off.
  6. How nice of you to ask.
    Nothing went according to plan,but it still worked out.
    Today is a really bad day for pain.
    Hope you and yours had a nice one!
  7. Hi Skippy hope you had a good Thanksgiving;and you are well.
  8. Hi Duff!

    Glad to see you here!
  9. Skippy that is true.Hope you are well.
  10. Nothing is impossible,my friend!
  11. Hey Skippy! Nothing yet with the house,people have looked but no takers.It seems like it will never sell.
  12. Hope you have yourself a good weekend!
  13. In pain from doing too much,but should clear up eventually.
    Glad you got to see your Granddaughter!
  14. Hi Skippy,how are you doing?
  15. I do understand.
  16. Happy Canada Day to you too!Thanks for the prayers.
  17. Happy Canada Day Duff!
    I'll pray for your house to be sold!
  18. You rubbed off on her really well!
    God is good!
  19. I am her real mother,and proud to be.
  20. Are you in reality her Mom or just virtually?
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