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  1. You are amazing - I was totally going to pitch a few questions at you. I just recently got engaged, and the whole wedding planning this has become very overwhelming for me! And, to add, I still have another year and a half of my nursing degree. Thank you for the photo link, I need to start visualizing and getting ideas - and I don't know where to start. I'll take a look at your pics (I love looking at wedding pictures!!!) I'm actually really excited about this... (it's been a week of hellish midterms). Thank you so much, I shall be in touch!
  2. No problem with the I did get married in Regina, the ceremony was at Lakeview United, and reception was at The Regina Inn. Here are some more photos from our day, I have a few others that show things like our favors or massive Candy Buffet, etc if you are interested. Since it rained we had our photos taken at the University by the Library. Here is a link to some of our photos....I LOVE wedding planning so let me know if you have any questions.
  3. OMG! I'm totally creeping your profile! I'm from Regina, but living in Saskatoon while in nursing at the U of S. Hopefully, getting married next year (still in the planning stages) - saw your profile pic and needed to comment... YOU LOOK ABSOLUTELY STUNNING! I'm loving the colours/arrangement of your bouquet!

    Did you have your ceremony in Regina?
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