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  1. hugs
  2. morning hun
  3. I am off to bed my self.. tommorow going to be a LONG day
  4. Keep a couple and drop directly off at the food bank... you're making money off of it for Goodstart, lol! I'm going to bed, goodnight! I really appreciate meeting with all of you. Good to get to know people in the area.
  5. I need the space to store it... lol I just realized i was responding to you on my wall... yup I am getting tired... but I am thinking right now about where I can "put that much"
  6. You should do it too!
  7. wow!! that's great, I think from what my "other" source was saying ..don't hold me to it... will double check... but the overage on the listerine was better... I have to go check the other site to be sure..
  8. If all goes as planned, it should be about $50 overage for the Aspirin and about $24 for the Listerine. I could definitely use the $74 for extra groceries.
  9. Yes, I think I will call it in to the Niagara Falls Walmart tomorrow. Well, I will probably truthfully have my husband call it in the Niagara Falls Walmart. I'm thinking 24 Aspirin and 24 Listerine.
  10. yes I totally agree hey and 50 is better than nothing I need to get my hands on a flyer so I can price match & use the coupon are you going to go through walmart? I am so nosey eh
  11. Well even the regular price is just under $6, right? So at the worst it's free aspirin, and at best I'm making $50. I'm going to order 24 listerine and 24 aspirin I think.
  12. really? you go girl... I am afraid I will get stuck with so much and have to pay for it with no coupons, Brooke was saying as long as the deal is on they will keep the price.. but if the deal is over than the price is over... btw the asprin is still up on this site... I just checked when I got home... it's in the printable thread..
  13. No problem! I will definitely let you know. I may try special ordering myself.
  14. Hey El, glad you came tonight... sorry i didn't get to say good bye.. felt bad.. I saw you leaving.. tried to get back in on time.. but you have to let me know how it goes with the asprin coupon...
  15. lol .. not staying round much longer... going um to walmart... going to do some shopping with my Printables... lets see how this goes.. I will post about it when I get home :0 Hope you have a great day i am hoping to... but not holding my breath!
  16. Your wall is the first one I will write on, lol
  17. haha i am the first to write on your wall
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