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  1. That family is so lucky to have you!! I hope you have a fantastic trip!!
  2. Lee, you posted yesterday that you got SHINE as the 9:20am ww from another site, can you check and see if they have one for 4:20am and I'll promise not to tease you for cheating on us! Enjoy your day!
  3. Hi Elmo!! Thanks so much for doing this. Black for me please!!!
  4. Sorry.... I tried to rep you with "another Psunday night rep for you!! " but my finger slipped and I pressed enter too soon... (just in case you were wondering.....)
  5. oh... that is so sweet of you!!!! yes.... I was almost 3 years old the last time the Leaf's won the cup - but I didn't watch hockey back then.... lol... I didn't start watching hockey until my kids started playing... (hubby's influence... )

    wow... that's very generous of you..... I'm a black kinda girl... thank you so much!!!
  6. Were you even alive the last time they won the cup?????
    See you at FICW. Let me know what colour you like best. White, pink or black. I'm bringing all the ladies a little present. Cultured pearls and sterling silver earrings I import from Bali. Take care and enjoy your Psunday!
  7. We were out last night at a friend's house, but the party was in the kitchen - not the family room, so I only watched a few minutes of the game.... very sad for me....

    thanks for the rep!!
  8. It's excellent having them so close! Especially since they were living in Kelowna while Andy was getting his doctorate in biology, but now he's doing his post-doctorate at Guelph. Enjoy your day!
  9. Thanks so much for the reps today!! Must be nice to have your daughter and grandson so close to you!!
  10. lol.... do I want to see you in a dress??? Have a great night!!!
  11. Thanks Elmo. I think they will give her a curved syringe... my son had all four of his out by the same doctor. Thanks for the reminder!! Have a great day!!
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