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  1. STACIE!!! Hope all your wishes come true and you have the best day ever!!


  3. Hope you have a safe and wonderful holiday season!
  4. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  5. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday Elmo!
    Hope all your wishes come true!!
  6. Thanks Elmo. I will certainly give it a try to come out next time. Great pics and sounds like you guy/gals had such an awesome time.
  7. Awww!! Thanks for sharing. Big or small pic, she is a sweetie! Keep capturing those precious moments, they will bring her such joy to see herself when she is older. Hope you have a wonderful time with her.
  8. Congrats on your win Elmo!!! Have a great day!
  9. Kreskin has nothing on you!! Way to go. And if you don't get the right one, I do believe Q107 reads this site and tries to mess you up. Look forward to seeing the Sleuth tomorrow. Have a wonderful night!
  10. Oh there are some peeps that will help you with the size thing. I think Heartgirl and Feetfrown came to my rescue. But I am not good at it still and that is why I just send links to stuff. LOL. But I wish you all the best and when you are done let me know. I would love to see your photos.
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