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  1. Happy new year, hope you had good holidays.
  2. good hope ur ok..going to toronto in cpl weeks..
  3. Hey cab! Long time, no talk! Hope all is well with you and surviving this awful weather?
  4. Hey you,lol. Just saying hi if you're around.
  5. Thanks, I noticed you weren't on much, have a good Easter yourself. I was stuck at work thurs because of a meeting and someone called east sides and sent a slice of cheese cake to the hotel for me,lol.
  6. Hey Stranger! Not on here very often but hope all is well with you? Busy here but still surviving! Looking forward to spring! Wishing you and yours a Happy Easter, E.
  7. Well, glad to hear you are on the mend! Take care of yourself!
  8. Lol, thanks. I'm feeling better and better each day so hope it wasn't anything major. I couldn't even blow my nose on fri and sat it hurt so much.
  9. I've been known to do idiotic things like that too, so glad I am not in the club alone! Get well soon
  10. Lol, I sneezed and then had the biggest pain ever, it knocked the wind outta me. A girl at work was like mike you're the only person I know that hurts them-self sneezing.
  11. Oh M. When will you learn! Be careful, will you!
  12. Oh not bad..had 3 days off work...think i broke a rib wed....not as much pain off to bed..been up since 1am and i work
  13. LOL to you too! How are you my friend?
  14. Just saying lol
  15. Glad to hear your aunt is resting and glad to know she has supportive family members, such as yourself, around her during this difficult time. Take it easy my friend.
  16. Thanks
    Yeah their surprised she even survived and on top of it is being dsicharged from hospital in sudbury tuesday but will stay with her daughter in sudbury for a couple weeks or so.
  17. Hang in there M. Glad to hear your aunt is out of ICU. If you need an ear, I am hear.
  18. Yeah that was them. My aunt was transfered out of icu today. They were surprised she even survived.
  19. Sorry to hear that M. and my sincere condolences to you. I heard about the accident on 144, so tragic.
  20. Hey, Im in sudbury right now at my cousins place. My uncle was killed in a car crash. Apparently he blacked out and drove off a 40ft embankment. My aunt was airlifted to sudbury in critical thats why im here. Will talk later.
  21. Its all good, talk to you later about it for sure.
  22. Sounds good! Haven't forgotten! Just been on the road a lot... Jack is going to my parent's today so I will have a whole summer to meet up with ya!
  23. Yeah theatre looks good. very fresh and the seats are good. Loads of kids running around because of cars 2 and mr,poppers movie. We went to see super 8 which was pretty good. Hey one day we still need to do that dinner or something,lol.
  24. Howdy Stranger! Hope you have a good movie watching experience! Heard the theatre went through renos. Was going to go with Jack today to see Cars 2 but he didn't want to. Other than that, been busy, looking forward to summer! Woo hoo! Hope all is well with you?
  25. Hey there, just stopping by to say hi. Off soon to the movies and just checking in.
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