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    Merry Christmas!
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    Happy Remembrance Day !
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    Hi, did you get my pm about the razor FPC?
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    Hope you've had a wonderful summer!
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    Happy Valentines Day Holly

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    Thank you ! I learn something new every day
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  24. Sorry K8- thought for sure I had already left feedback. Thanks for the ride!
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    Thanks ErinsMom!
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    Hello, have you received my PM. I need your address so that I can mail off the sample asap..
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    I just received the nicest surprise in my mailbox today. An envelope FULL of the coveted Minute Maid coupons that I have been seeking. I rushed right to Superstore, and was able to get 20 frozen juice. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
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About ErinsMom

Basic Information

About ErinsMom
Single mom to a fabulous 20 yr old daughter
Dartmouth, NS
Saving money so we can travel!
ICU RN- yes, I'm a crazy shift worker
Wish List:
ErinsMom's Wishlist

Websaver/Brandsaver/ – yes
Toonies for Tummies- no
French, printables, inserts, store specific– only where specified please
I can't stack- if there's a UPC listed I want that exact coupon, thanks
NO Coupon Zone coupons please

** any FPC for any item on my WL**
** reasonable early expiry for any FPC is OK **

** expiry dates are just for my reference. I'll gladly accept later expiry dates as well **

*******#1 wishes right now... (also in my points lists)

Nesfruta Liquid Water Enhancer 10038749 (NOT Nestea & NOT WUB water) $2- Dec 31/14 **RRRRRLF**
SummerFresh bruschetta $1- Dec 31/14 **RRRRLF**
J & J call in- $3 Aveeno, Neutrogena etc- June 30/15 **RRRLF**
Renee's $1 off any Gourmet dressing, sauce or dip- Dec 31/14 **RRRLF**
Lean Cuisine Fresh Inspirations $1.50- Dec 31/14 **RRRLF**
Fresh Express salads $1 **RRRLF**
Dole Live Right Bites $1- Dec 31/14 **RRRLF**
BelVita breakfast biscuits $1- June 30/15 **RRRLF**
Special K crisps $1- Sept 30/14 **RRRLF**

Counts as all- multiples gladly accepted
Arm & Hammer Clump & Seal cat litter FPC- Dec 31/14
Campbell's call in $3
Canada Bread products FPC 74602663 (several brands pictured)- Dec 31/14
Cavendish Fries FPC- NED
Chapmans $4 or $5- Dec 31/14 or 15 **RRLF**
Colgate-Palmolive FPC- NED
Colgate-Palmolive $5- June 30/15
Dole fruit or beverage product FPC- NED
Danone $3- Mar 31/15
Dove FPC- Dec 31/15
Fresh Express salad FPC- Dec 31/14
Gay Lea, Nordica, Lacteze FPC- Oct 31/14
General Mills FPC for cereal- Dec 31/14
J & J replacement- June 30/15
Kelloggs FPC (good for any Kellogg's product)-NED **RRLF**
Kraft shredded cheese FPC
Lean Cuisine FPC- Dec 31/14
Maple Leaf $5- Dec 31/14 **RRLF**
Marc Angelo $5- NED
Maxx Scoop cat litter FPC **RRLF**
Maxx Scoop cat litter $5 **RRLF**
McCain Superfries FPC- Dec 31/14
McCain potato product FPC- June 30/16
Neutrogena facial wipes sample (blue package from sample mail out) **RRRRLF**
Neutrogena $7 WUB 2, 04392675- Dec 31/14 **RRRLF**
Oasis FPC 1.75L refrigerated product- Dec 31/14 or Feb 28/15
Old ElPaso FPC- Dec 31/14
Olymel $5 or $10- NED
Playtex (good for feminine hygiene products) $5- Dec 31/14
Renee's Gourmet Dressing, Sauce or Dip FPC- NED
Renee's Gourmet Original Dressings & Dips, 355ml, or Naturally Light Vinaigrettes & Marinades, 350ml, max. $3.99 FPC- NED
Royale $3 or $5 NED
Royale Velour bathroom tissue $3 or $5- Dec 31/14
Skintimate/Edge shaving products $5.99- Dec 31/14
Summerfresh cooking sauce FPC- Dec 31/15
Sunrise Tofu FPC- Dec 31/14
Trestelle, Castello, Apetina, Dofino cheese FPC- NED
Trestelle, Castello, Apetina, Dofino cheese $5- NED
Unilever FPC- June 30/15
Weston bread products FPC- Dec 31/14
Wholly Guacamole or Salsa FPC up to $6- NED
Yogurt FPC- any brand just no Greek please

Counts as 2- multiples gladly accepted
Advil $2 any Advil product- NED
Amooza $1- Dec 31/14
BelVita breakfast biscuits $1- June 30/15 **RRRLF**
Black Diamond $1 (good on shredded or blocks)- Dec 31/14
Campbell's $1 or $2 call in
Chapman's $1- Dec 31/14
Cheemo Perogies $1 NED
Classico $1- NED
Colgate-Palmolive call in- June 30/15
Danone $5 WUB 3 - hoping this one comes out in English
Dempster's 100% whole grains bread $2 (websaver)
Dole Live Right Bites $1- Dec 31/14 **RRRLF**
Downey Unstoppables sample
Driscoll Berries $1 or $2- Dec 31/14
fresh berries or bananas WUB GM cereal (peelie) $3- Oct 31/14
Fresh Express salads $1 **RRRLF**
Gain Fireworks Laundry Scent Booster sample
General Mills call in
Glad Indoor/Outdoor Garbage Bags $2- 01224072 only, not the one for kitchen catchers only- Oct 31/14
Glad Food Storage Product $1- Oct 31/14
Gay Lea $2 good on all Gay Lea products- Oct 31/14
Hain Celestial call in- Dec 31/14 or NED
Hain Celestial $1.50 peelie- Dec 31/14
J & J call in- $3 Aveeno, Neutrogena etc- June 30/15 **RRLF**
J & J call in- $2 Tylenol, Benylin, Motrin etc- June 30/15
J & J call in- $2 Bandaid, Reach etc- June 30/15
J & J call in- $2 OB, Carefree etc- June 30/15
Kellogg's snack products (not cereals) $1.50 WUB 2- 71199359 Dec 31/14
Kimberly-Clark call in $1-4
Kraft shredded cheese $1 ( **RRLF**
Lays $1 Oven Baked Lays (
Lean Cuisine Fresh Inspirations $1.50- Dec 31/14 **RRLF**
Maple Leaf Natural Selections sliced meats $2- Dec 31/14 (websaver)
Marc Angelo $2- Dec 31/14
Maxx Scoop cat litter $3- Dec 31/14
Minute Rice cups $1 (websaver)
Miss Vickie's chips $3 (hang tag on wine bottles)
Nesfruta Liquid Water Enhancer 10038749 (NOT Nestea & NOT WUB water) $2- Dec 31/14 **RRRRRLF**
Neutrogena cleansing products $5 WUB 2, 04392688- Dec 31/14 **RRRLF**
Oasis 8x200ml or 5x200ml products, any flavor OR upon purchase of Rougemont apple juice 2L products, any flavor $1- July 31/15
Oasis Premium or Health Break product 1.75L, any flavor $1 - July 31/15
Olivieri $2- Dec 31/14 **RRLF**
Olivieri $1 off any Olivieri Fresh Pasta, Fresh Sauce or Garlic Bread product 12522200- Dec 31/14
Olymel $2- Oct 31/14
Pepsi products- anything that comes out that's good for Diet Pepsi 2L or bottles (no cans please)
Playtex call in
Playtex Gentle Glide $3
Quaker call in
Renee's $1 off any Gourmet dressing, sauce or dip- Dec 31/14 **RRRLF**
Renee's $1 peelie
Royale $1 NED
Royale Tiger Towels $3- Dec 31/14
Royale Velour bathroom tissue $2- Dec 31/14
Rubbermaid $2 any Rubbermaid product- NED
SC Johnson call in
SC Johnson- Ziploc/Saran Wrap $5- Aug 31/14
Special K cracker chips, popcorn chips, pastry crisps or granola bars $2 WUB 2- Nov 31/14 **RRLF** (from beach tote promo)
Special K cracker chips $1- Sept 30/14**RRLF**
Special K crisps $1- Sept 30/14 **RRRLF**
SummerFresh bruschetta $1- Dec 31/14 **RRRRLF**
U by Kotex $1.50- Dec 15/14
Uncle Ben's Bistro Express Sides, Risotto or Entrees $1- Dec 31/14
Uncle Ben's Bistro express $1- June 30/15
Unilever call in (not the $1 ice cream tear pad thanks)
Ziploc storage bags $1- Dec 30/15
Ziploc snack bags $1- Dec 30/15

Counts as 1
Ace bakery product $1- Dec 31/14
Allen's juice $1 (1.89L)- Dec 31/14
Always liners $1- Feb 28/15
Buitoni Pizza $1.50 - Dec 31/14
Campbell's Ready to Enjoy soup (540ml) $1- Dec.31/14
ClubHouse herbs/spices- NED
Coke $.50 1L (neck hanger from Bacardi bottles)- Dec 31/14
Dare $1- good on a variety of products- NED
Diana Sauces $1- NED
Dole bagged salads $.75- Feb 28/15
Eggs (fresh, in the shell) $1 WUB 2 dozen- Dec 31/14
Europe's Best frozen fruit $.50-NED
Filippo Berio oil $2- Dec 31/15 or 16 (no 2014 please)
Fresh meat $2 WUB Ziploc container- Feb 28/15
Fresh meat $1 WUB Ziploc bag- Feb 28/15
Gain Fireworks $2 (excl travel/trial) 63662870 Dec 31/15
Gain Liquid Products $2 WUB 2 (excl travel/trial) 63662825 Dec 31/15
General Mills cereals $1- June 15/15
Heinz $1- NED
Johnsonville $1+ good on all varieties
Lean Cuisine reward codes, please include UPC as well
Mann's fresh veggies $.75- Dec 31/14
Marzetti Dip any $1, 11505176 June 30/15
Marc Angelo $1+ (good for any products)- NED
McCain Home fries $.50 NED
McCain Supercrisps, Superspirals or GoldNCrisp $.50 NED
McCain Superfries $.50 NED
McCain TastiTaters $.50 NED
McCain Ultra pizza $1- NED
Oasis Organic, Classic, FruitZoo or Fruits etc, 960ml, any flavor $.50- July 31/15
Oasis $.50 (960ml, 8x200ml, 5x200ml)- Dec 31/14
Olivieri pasta or sauce $1- Dec 31/14
Olymel Smart Nature shaved meat $1- Oct 31/14
Playtex gentle glide or sport $1- Dec 31/14
Primo $1- NED
Quaker $1 peelie- Dec 31/14
Reynold's $1 good on any Reynold's product- Dec 31/15
Saran product $1- June 30 or Dec 30/15
Saran products $2 WUB 2- Aug 31/15
Scott Towels $1- NED
Subway $.50 6" sub or $1 12" sub- NED
SunMaid raisin bread $1- Dec 31/14
Tampax $1
T Marzetti dips $.50- NED
U by Kotex $1- June 30/15
Yoplait $1 peelie- Dec 31/14
Ziploc $2 WUB 2 33693385- Jun 30/15
$.50 Can Tire money


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  1. ErinsMom
    ErinsMom liked post by nat77 On thread : What To Do About Trains
    I'm just going to put this out there for any of the riders who have ridden my trains and may have complained to a mod about me "keeping" their stamps. As stated in the first post of any my train...
    Liked On: Mon, Apr 14th, 2014, 09:09 AM
  2. ErinsMom
    ErinsMom liked post by Norma Mackay-Rempel On thread : ErinsMom's FPC secret sender ** envies arriving**
    I rec'd an awesome envie from our host !!! Thank you so much for the awesome coupons! They were perfect! Thank you, thank you, thank you so very much! :) :) :)
    Liked On: Mon, Oct 21st, 2013, 11:54 PM
  3. ErinsMom
    ErinsMom liked post by bargain_hunter_lola On thread : Halloween Secret Sender
    Rec'd a fantastic envie from Erinsmom today! TYSM! :) We're super low on diapers and it's getting really hard to find huggies coupons so THANK YOU!!!! :)
    Liked On: Thu, Oct 10th, 2013, 08:06 PM
  4. ErinsMom
    ErinsMom liked post by KK7 On thread : PammieD's "Happy Turkey" Coupon Exchange :)
    Received an AMAZING envie from Erinsmom WOW is all I can say some of these coupons I never even seen before you REALLY outdid yourself thanks a MILLION!!!!
    Liked On: Wed, Oct 2nd, 2013, 05:16 PM
  5. ErinsMom
    ErinsMom liked post by coyote00 On thread : All About Coupon Trains
    :yikes:Shortly after I made the above post, I was contacted by a conductor because I had forgotten to include a envie for a rider. I was very happy that she felt that I was approachable and I am...
    Liked On: Sun, Jun 9th, 2013, 04:35 PM
  6. ErinsMom
    ErinsMom liked post by pumpkin9211 On thread : Lola's Round Robin Train
    Received Shmeelady's envie on Friday- Back in the Red Box on Saturday afternoon. On its way to Erinsmom. I removed $6.75 and put in $9.50 AND THEN, I took another look and I removed an...
    Liked On: Mon, Jun 3rd, 2013, 02:31 PM
  7. ErinsMom
    ErinsMom liked post by Tootall7 On thread : Lola's Round Robin Train
    Received Erin'smoms train today! Love the different tearpads I can't find here! Leaving feedback now!
    Liked On: Mon, Jun 3rd, 2013, 02:30 PM
  8. ErinsMom
    ErinsMom liked post by NickiB On thread : NickiB's "It's a Small World" Disney/Travel VWT! With Prizes! Arriving!
    Hi Ladies! Last envie arrived today, and I've calculated all points/$$ for the prizes. Grand prize winner for most generous is .... Norma Mackay-Rempel. Wowsers... that was way over the top...
    Liked On: Wed, May 15th, 2013, 06:43 AM
  9. ErinsMom
    ErinsMom liked post by CouponLadybird On thread : ErinsMom's Generosity Train ** Win a subscription to Today's Parent magazine**
    Received today! Thank you everyone for the great coupons and HUGE thanks to ErinsMom for hosting another wonderful Generosity train!! FB left :)
    Liked On: Tue, Apr 30th, 2013, 01:05 PM
  10. ErinsMom
    ErinsMom liked post by Anna Michele On thread : Lola's CT Craze VWT
    slams money on the table ALL IN
    Liked On: Mon, Apr 1st, 2013, 11:12 AM
  11. ErinsMom
    ErinsMom liked post by pumpkin9211 On thread : Pumpkin is Whining for a New Bluzsuz Train - all WL Posted, Mail Day - Feb 11th
    This is me: This is Erinsmom: Thanks for hosting Bluz!!!! I'm super...
    Liked On: Thu, Feb 28th, 2013, 07:20 AM
  12. ErinsMom
    ErinsMom liked post by coyote00 On thread : Coyote's Kisses - FULL - Headiing home Feb 6th
    Rec'd erinsmom's envie today :-)
    Liked On: Tue, Jan 29th, 2013, 08:07 PM
  13. ErinsMom
    ErinsMom liked post by DMS54 On thread : Grab A Buddy And Pucker Up!!! Secret Vantentine Exchange
    Received my envelope from Erinsmom - the coupons were amazing and I love the magnetic memo pad and balloon. Sorry buddy but i haven't mailed yours yet!
    Liked On: Sat, Jan 26th, 2013, 08:11 PM
  14. ErinsMom
    ErinsMom liked post by hijinx25 On thread : Nat77's Choose Your Boarding Pass #2***With PRIZES***
    ErinsMom ROCKS. How thoughtful!
    Liked On: Sat, Jan 12th, 2013, 01:49 PM
  15. ErinsMom
    ErinsMom liked post by csaund21 On thread : ErinsMom's Hot Stuff VWL Train ** hot prize for all riders**
    I will join too! Pm'ing soon-gotta update my WL..
    Liked On: Sat, Jan 5th, 2013, 06:12 PM
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