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  1. For sure buddy! I got your back-we'll split it 90/10 how does that sound? LOL-I actually play here and there but I am kinda giving up on the lotteries! Most I have ever won is 10 bucks and I have spent waaay more than that trying. Enjoy the day...
  2. If you win you should think of your friends
  3. Hi Feet!!!! Hope your day is excellent, thanks for the rep...
  4. Thnx for the rep Feet, hope all is well with you, enjoy the weekend!!!
  5. Hi Feet-thanks so much for the rep, hope all is good with you!
  6. Hi Feet! Hope all is good with you these days...
  7. Love the rep-thanks!
  8. Congratulations to you and Kahlua
  9. Excellent! thanks so much
  10. Aaaa
  11. Please let me know if the movie was as good as it looked in the trailer, thanks...
  12. Thanks!
  13. Thanks for the rep!Have a great day & keep warm
  14. Hey Feet-did the voting start for the cute pets contest yet? I tried to vote for your cat but the link takes me to the submissions only-is there a new voting page yet? Kahula looks quite devilish, but very cute!
  15. all taken care of

  16. thanks for the friend request! As soon as I figure out how to do it I will ask you too!!!(yes, I am an idiot, but a nice one!)
  17. Thanks for the reps
  18. Thanks for the Rep
  19. ok-non aggresive reps are good! I wont be afraid of you anymore...
  20. Thankks for the rep!
  21. Thanks for the Rep
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