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  1. Happy new year.
  2. Oops I sent you a rep but don't think the emoticon was right here ya go:
  3. Hey was it your birthday, well happy birthday,lol.
  4. Thanks for the rep..
  5. hey wendark stole my line,lol.

  6. Thanks..
  7. Hey hey..
  8. Hey thanks, no rain till sun and the wind is blowing the fire our way..Sat and sun should be cooler and blow the fire a bit more the other way..I hope..
  9. probably,

    Fire right now is 200 sq km..Not far from timmins, going to be scorching hot next few days too, hwy is still closed.
  10. It's Coming
  11. Lol. thanks for the rep..
  12. Have a good sunday..
  13. Thanks for the rep..
  14. Thanks for the rep,lol..Sorry I was in bed till pretty late..
  15. I try to rep as much as I can but I'm nowhere near you or gojays or
  16. you are the best cab, but i am on a quest for most rep
  17. Thnaks for the rep..speed racer.
  18. Thanks for the rep..
  19. Thanks for the rep, now I'm off to bed.
  20. Thanks for the rep, have a good day.
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