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  1. happy easter!
  2. have a safe trip!

  3. happy christmas!
    hope you have a wonderful holiday season!
  4. glad to hear she's not near the earthquake area.
    what a mess! those volcano pics you posted last week were amazing. the lightening was so eerie!
    i hope she's able to make her trip.
  5. Thanks for your concern about the earthquake, there was no problem in her area of Argentina. The real problem is the ash in the air from the volcano, the airport is still closed and it is only 20 days until she leaves to come here.
  6. that's so cool!
    .... so when are they recording?
  7. I had the chance to meet Randy Bauchman at a book signing and showed the parody to him. He autographed it for me and asked for 2 copies. I for him and 1 for Burton
  8. LOL!

    great lyrics!

  9. HA! i KNEW it!
    you are a nice person!
  10. Thanks heartgirl. You are right...I probably would do it again....I still treat people the way I would want to be treated. Have a good evening.
  11. you're welcome
    hope you're enjoying it here.
    don't forget to poke around and have a look at the games room and the arcade!
  12. Thanks for your explanation heartgirl...You made me smile
  13. welcome to the madness!
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