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  1. Hey Fuimus! Thank you so much for the link! Beautiful captures! I am going to go through it more after dinner.
    Happy Earth Day to you!
  2. I thought that you may be interested in this.

  3. ................FUIMUS............................
    ....Hope all your wishes come true!!....
  4. Welcome back Fuimus!!
    OMG!! Your photos are absolutely FANTASTIC!! WOW, thanks so much for sharing!
    I am going to go back and enjoy them again. Simon is adorable!! Austin though so too. So much beauty and nature. I bet you miss it as soon as you boarded that plane to come back.
  5. Safe travels fuimus! I know you will have a wonderful time no matter what the weather is like. Can't wait to see your photos! Have fun!


  7. Hope you have a safe and wonderful holiday season!
  8. I saw a car driving up Don Mills with your name on the License Plate. I could not catch up to see if it was you. I would have waved.

    I love your Christmas card!!! It was funny and cute all rolled into one. Thanks for the smile!
  9. LOL....I know. It wouldn"t let me rep anyone in the recent posts so sometimes that's what I have to do to get everyone. Now I am in jail. With it raining out there I don't mind so much. Stay dry today!
  10. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!
  11. Thanks for promoting my Tim Kiss story. I am not really sure how the judging works. Now I just need McDonalds to have the same type of contest. Our actual first kiss was in the airport in Buenos Aires, they have a McDonalds there. We really nicknamed it our McBeso (Beso is kiss in Spanish) so Tim Kiss is our Canadian equivalent.
  12. Hope your are still hanging in there. I can't imagine how disappointed you are especially after having the big countdown. Without making our summer pass too quickly, I hope time flies and she gets here a.s.a.p.!!
  13. Thanks for the rep, yes the countdown is of 8:45pm on June 28th it is 12 days 8 hours and 50 minutes
  14. I guess after working for Frito-Lay (owned by Pepsi) for the last 30 years I have been brainwashed. Also, gotta love the /Saturday Night Live, Olympia Diner skits.
  15. Happy Thirsty Thursday!!
  16. Thank you for looking at Malu's art. She is studying fine arts at the University of Buenos Aires. I will be sure to pass on your nice comments to her., coming from someone as talented as yourself that really means a lot..
  17. Just want to say I truly enjoyed your gf's daughter's art work. She is so talented! Thanks for sharing! It great that you have her link as your signature, I am going to check it frequently for updates.
  18. Thanks hope you have a great night too!
  19. Oooops. Mechman got it right. Magic mushroom. I held it against the sun.
  20. LOL...I did back then! Still have the album!
  21. Two out of three ain't you like meatloaf???!!!
  22. Oh sorry, I don't drink carbinated drinks. Since I was a kid the bubbles bothered my nose. LOL. Two out of three ain't bad.
  23. Frito-Lay is also owned by Pepsi, so if you prefer pepsi to coke the we have the trifecta! Lol
  24. I did not know Frito-Lay owned Spitz. I am looking at a bag right now and it does not say that. Is it a secret? When we drove to B.C. I almost went to see Spitz in Bow Island, AB but we were too far away and did not have the time. Lays chips are my favourite too and I am not just saying that. It's great that they are Canadian made!
  25. OMG!! I just noticed your hat! I have a their T-shirt. I eat Spitz ALL day at my desk! LOL They are my absolute fav slong with pizza and chocolate.
  26. Hi Fuimus, sorry I will not be going tomorrow night. Sounds like it will be so much fun and you will get to meet some of the SC gang. One of these days I will make it out to one of the shows. I can't wait. Have fun!
  27. Honestly, I would not have left the beach! LOL. They would have had to drag me away till the very last peguin was gone or my memory card/battery was exhausted. I am with you and would have taken a million photos. You photos are so precious!
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