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  1. how do you check msgs? like if we were having a conversation on here what do i do?
  2. being a mom is great! i have a gorgeous 10 month old. mat leave is gonna be over soon and i'll hafta go back to work (part time at least). do you work from home?
  3. also, since i'm new to this discount thing my bf's sister told me that if you want, you can go to customer service at zellers and convert your HBC points to a zellers gift card..that'd be handy too.
  4. i'm looking at the canadian tire flyer..if you purchase their treadmill for 299 you can get a 100 gift card for CT. so that'd be decent
  5. i really am just new to this coupon thing like i said, now that i'm on mat leave you really hafta watch your pennies. not only that but i had nooo idea on how much you really could save vs. paying full price. what size diaper do you need? there are usually tons of coupons for huggies and pampers kickin' around..(ive got quite a few)
  6. see anything good?
  7. me you have MSN?
  8. hey?
  9. hey, i just got your msg..
    yeah that's kinda cool that we have the same birthday
    i haven't had a whole lot i'm still super new to the coupon about you? do you have MSN?
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