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  1. Hi Lynn how are you doing hun? I have been on but not much lately, I need to visit the tea room soon and see the happenings with all of you. I hope everything is good with you!
  2. Thanks for the message! I hope you had a nice Thanksgiving hun
  3. Hello, Hon...and THANK YOU for your birthday wish!! I had a super-duper day with our Daughter, shopping and lunching, and shopping...for the past 2 years (or 3?) she's been at a was truly special for me!!
    I hope you had a WONDERFUL day, too!! Sorry I couldn't rep you this time...
    Huggles, Lynn
  4. Thanks Lynn, I dont know him but my brother probably does I started a thread for disaster relief asking for donations of food, toys and clothes for ppl in thunder bay. I need to do something, I have barely slept in 3 days now and I just gotta help somehow.
  5. As I mentioned in Rep back to you, I have loads of family in ThunderBay....this is my cousin...
    Rick Latta C.E.T
    Supervisor of Landfill Operations at City of Thunder Bay

    ...I imagine he may be busy with this disaster, too.....again: so sorry that sweet city is going through this horrible mess....Hugs, Lynn
  6. I'm so happy to hear you have such wonderful support...I close as our daughter and I are, there's still a very special bond between a little girl and her daddy...
    Well, since wer'e in Florida, I doubt there's any way anyone could steal the great weather we're having here...and it's the perfect place to be for retail therapy! It's amazing what the prices are here compared to the so-called 'sale' prices back home...they simply get better deals here in places like Ross, Kohls, etc....I just bought a sundress for myself, reg $55 for $16 at Ross...thank goodness it's close enough so that I can take the car myself and wander over....
    Take care of yourself, Sweetheart....Gentle Hugs...Lynn
  7. Thanks Lynn, I'm doing ok, a little stressed out but it's alright. My family is really good and I've been going to appt's with my Dad. He is super good My rock lol. I'm trying to kinda ignore it hahaha. How are things with you? You getting any of this lovely weather over there or did we steal it all
  8. Aw, Hon....I just saw your message on Chive's page...I'm so sorry I've been out of the loop for a while and didn't realize everything you're going through now....I'll keep you in my prayers,..Gentle hugs, Lindi
  9. Merry Christmas!
  10. Aw..didn't mean for you to tear up...And good luck with your quitting smoking...our DD is about a month without a cigarette...she's using Chantix, however...whatever works!
  11. HAH!! Great news, Hon!!! I'm SO happy to hear that, and thank you for letting me know!
  12. Came back clean Lynn TY for your concern YAY!
  13. Hon, in my experience (looong) experience, I've had, I bet, most of my friends,, including me, receive news that they had to return for more tests...thank God nothing ever showed up as being unusual...I'm optimistic that'll be the same for you, Hon...
  14. Thanks Lynn, I'll let you know how it goes, I'm hoping its a minor thing
  15. Happy Halloween!
  16. posted, but I still can't see anything I'm typing here..LOL!! Thank you for the rep, Hon...can't get you backjust yet, but I will!! Take good care!...Lynn
  17. LOL!! Okay...I see nothing of anything I"m typing! Let's see if it posts....
  18. awww ty so much

  19. I read your post hun, and my prayers are with your friend. There is no answers why good people get sick, I look at it as a reminder to enjoy life and love your loved ones because life is precious and way too short. I wish you all the best my friend and anytime you need a shoulder, I am here for you.
  20. Have a nice holiday Mon
  21. Hello, Hon....I've been away also, finally back now...So we share birthdays??!!
    Well, I guess there are two 'practically perfect' people on here now!
    We had quite the family wedding there in ThunderBay!! OMG...waaaay too much food/wine/partying...! And of course, there was time for shopping on Thursday.. I picked up the nicest lap-top case for our DD at that little shop downtown...with the cute name...aarrgh...I can't think of it..but it's on a corner...teensy shop...And of course we went to Vanderweiss' where I picked up a cute brie-pot for our DD and her DH for those nights they like to melt brie and have it with crackers on movie nights...and of course to see the animals...I took the cutest pics of the alpacas!! Have a great week!!!...Lynn
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