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  1. I'm doing ok, been busy with family stuff the past while, glad I get to pop on lately, since after christmas I havent been on much. How are you doing and what you been up to?
  2. gee thanks for the bday wishes. how are you doing kiddo - hugs etc.
    been a while eh?

    crazy avatar, stop that....
  3. Happy B-Day!!!!
  4. Pleurisy??? I hope your going to be feeling better soon. How did you end up with that? A rooster? LOL That's pretty funny, I'm glad he was captured without incident, smart idea with the carrier I've been ok, just doing lots of house sorting. I had someone staying with us for 6 weeks so I wasn't on very much, but he's gone now He was a big pain in the arse. My son started University and he is taking electrical engineering, and he is still working pt so he is busy Everything is going rather decent lol
  5. hi kiddo, well i haven't seen you either, i'm recovering from pleurisy, ppphhhttt.
    sc has been wrecking havoc on my laptop/nerves, hard to get anywhere/post etc.
    on the other hand we had a rooster walking on the front lawn last sat. (suburb in toronto) fortunately with the neighbours help we got him into my cat's carrier and animal services picked him up on sunday.
    must be one of the oddest things i have done lately.
    how's everything going with you? and the younger kiddo?
  6. Hi you! How's it going? Haven't seen you around..... hope everything is good
  7. Happy Birthday!!!!!
  8. hi kiddo, i'm doing fine but likely going to melt soon.
    was banned a little while ago for a few days for posting a photo of the nude steven harper painting,
    was apparently way too easy for me to resist doing - although perhaps i should have taken the fact
    it was deleted a little more seriously before i did it again.
    thanks for the rep, good to see you again too.
    hope you're staying cool and the younger kiddo is doing well.
  9. holy crappola hun, way too maany tests - sorry to hear
    you need them, darn crap
  10. Awwww foxes I went for more tests and now I have to go for more tests lol, when they did the scope they found abnormal cell development in my stomach and a bunch of issues, I'm on 3 different meds right now, they pushed my oral surgery to April Then I have to go for 2 more scopes. It's very tiring lol
  11. hey hun, been missing you i see - doing fairly well, except the 3 foxes
    in the neighbourhood - nice to live in a house but,,,3 cats - 3 foxes
    and never did hear what up's with you and the operation?
  12. doing ok - have a pretty red fox living in the backyard waiting to ,,,one of the kitties living here. hence have a house full of crazied kitties. i may have to donate one --- big decision!
  13. Happy Valentines Day! How are you doing? I hope you have a great V day sweetie
  14. thanks for telling me how things went hun
    and yes hoping for no more for a long while.
    although if you like the surgeon
    big hugs from a not so big person
  15. Surgery went really well. I'm recovering and feeling pretty good Hopefully no more for awhile lol
    My doc was very sweet and comforting which made it so easy!
  16. surgery - whf?
    i'm still fine ish, going to receive odsp from sept 2010, any month now - whoopi, dingbats.
    was silly enough to have a nap saturday around 5 got up this morning
    at 5:30 - so feeling a tad spacey.
    sorry about the avatar - have it around somewhere, and it's
    that one in facebook - if you really need to see it.
    please let me know about the surgery kiddo
  17. I miss your arisocats avatar lol How are things going? Got anything planned for V day coming up? I got surgery at the end of the week. Not looking forward to it. I'm a pin cushion LOL
  18. doing fairly well, thanks, peeved about the miss lilly (the cat) being out
    for hours,,,had a fun time at my brothher john's bday.
    i still know you did not send shots my way - thinking about
    forgiving you anyway
  19. Hey hun how's it going? Long time no talk......
  20. holy craps you had shots and didn't invite me, ppphhhttt.
    as for the snoring whistling i'd have drowned it in the
    darn coffee and asked where the tea is.
    sounds eventful and fun hun
    merry whatever day this is
  21. Thanks, you too kiddo lol
    I went to my bro's last night, had a few shots, then the old lady next door woke me up with her very loud stirring of her coffee, ting ting ting ting ting over and over for 10 mins lol, now I'm gonna snooze on the couch till we go to my sisters cuz hubby is snoring and he sounds like a squeaky dog toy, LOL his nose is whistling


  22. hey kiddo hope you all have a great christmas
  23. Merry Christmas!
  24. Happy Halloween Hun!!!!!!!!!!!
  25. wishing you have a great time hun
    extra happy birthday

  26. I'm glad its cool, however temporary I am going to buy an air conditioner soon. I'll be up early myself soon since the kid is going back to school, I've been sleeping in till 8-9am lately which is nice cuz I cant fall asleep with the heat.Take Care sweetie!
  27. am not, always typing this early, haha.
    how are things? glad to see it is not so warm by you
  28. Hi my friend, how are things going? Your always on early in the morning
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