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  1. Thanks. I guess one of th mods erased it off my profile now. Thank God! I just want it all to end! Thanks for your support. Love my SC family!!
  2. Wow, I'd copy all the messages and submit them to Boo, these people have no lives to harass you like they are! It just shows who the real victim was in this, sorry for your troubles kitty! Some people are just real jerks, in virtual life as well as real life.
  3. Thanks for the rep
    I would seriously be having a better day if I wasn't being harrassed on my profile now from that other person from the other site
    I'm almost ready to call the police on her.

    Hope you are enjoying your day.
  4. Thanks for the friend request
    Hope you're enjoying your birthday!!
  5. TY for the birthday wishes
  6. Thanks for the swag rep!
    Have a good weekend
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