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  1. Thanks, it was ok just very sore from my exercise program.
  2. Sounds good, I even sliced a view pieces off and added it to some classico tomato sauce and put that on a grilled bun. That turned out so good I wanted more,lol. Have a good day I need to try and sleep a bit since I leave for work at 10pm and haven't managed to sleep yet.
  3. The loaf sounds good to me - I don't need a McMeal made with ?? animal by-products; I did enough of that in my undergrad days and paid the price with IBS and similar gastric maladies. I eat vegan about 1/3 of the time and vegetarian almost all of the rest of the time as my stomach does 100 times better on vegetarian food (I throw in meat every now and then to appease DH - just often enough that it doesn't make me physically ill, really). I'm hooked on so many vegan things that I can make myself - from almond milk to lentil taco meat and beyond - that the lunch loaf has really piqued my interest.
  4. No problem, as long as you know its vegan and tastes nothing like Schneiders stuff lol.
  5. No problem, I finished work at 7am, bed time soon.
  6. Thanks for the rep! Have a wonderful weekend
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