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  1. Thanks! Hope you had a nice Canada Day weekend too! We went boating for 3 days & the weather was awesome! take care
  2. Have a great Canada Day
  3. Thanks for the Birthday wishes (just saw the thread now!!) & hope you enjoy all the blueberries!!
  4. Thanks for the rep! The blueberries are too tempting; they freeze perfectly, are cheaper than Europe's Best even on sale price, and with the pregnancy I can't get enough fruit! I know I already bought 6+ tubs just for freezing at FreshCo this week, but I figure as long as I don't run out of freezer space, stockpiling to feed my preggo cravings can't be too bad Have a great week!
  5. Happy International Women's Day to you!! Here's hoping that you have a great day
  6. Oh that sounds like a good plan & nice that your hubby helps out! Mine hates grocery shopping (maybe goes 2x a year with me! lol). I go during the week for a few deals like Sobeys tonight to do the Pepsi/lays promo & then tomorrow to NF for the dollar sales! Saturdays hubby takes his elderly parents shopping so no time to do it with me anyway!! I also do my mom's shopping as she has a bad back & can't do it anymore but I don't mind as I get better deals for her
    Enjoy your weekend & get those great deals!!
  7. LOL, good point
    What I usually try to do is go on Friday during the day and walk to the places where there are only one or two things that catch my eye. Then Saturdays I drag DH (and his very helpful car!) to one store to grab the stuff that I can't carry home by myself. As annoying as it can be to drag him along, he's helpful, likes to carry stuff and will remember things I forgot to put on the list. It's also pretty much the ONLY way (and believe me, I've tried ) to get him to contribute to menu planning! He doesn't like doing menu plans until he gets to the store and can see what's in stock, what produce looks good, etc.
  8. I just go by myself & leave hubby at home!! but he gets to unload the car with all the goodies!!
  9. Happy shopping to you too, my friend!
    ...the only problem will be convincing DH that there really ARE awesome sales at multiple grocery stores and that I do really need to go to them all!
  10. LOL I'm super excited for all the great deals this week too!! & trying to eat more fruits & veggies!! haha
    Happy Shopping!!
  11. Thanks for the rep, carly! I always feel kinda silly Thursdays when I get soo excited to see all of the goodies that I'll be eating for the next week. For me, produce sales can turn a frown upside down any day
  12. HAHA i know!! Only 2 here too!! but we go thru lots of eggs & once in awhile I cook one for our pups for a treat!! They are spoiled, hehe
  13. thanks for the rep I can't believe how many eggs we go through in this house - especially seeing as there's only 2 of us. I did a big stock-up when they were on at thanksgiving for $1.79 at the Loblaws, but you can't stockpile eggs like you can toilet paper
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