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  1. How is week three going?
  2. That is great! I find those small victories very impowering. I watched DH eat chips and candy last night. Neck is good Thank you! I started back in on excercise on the weekend!
  3. how is the neck doing?

    Congrats on the loss in the first week! Way to go.

    I am finding it pretty easy so far. Opened a can of coke yesterday but poured it down the sink when I realized that if I hadn't seen it in the fridge I wouldn't have wanted it. Victory!
  4. OUCH!! you poor thing. Hope the neck feels better soon.

    I'm doing really well. I thought for sure I'd be shaking from lack of Coke (or cranberry gingerale) by now. But I feel so good. Actually down 1.4lbs already! Amazing what a few changes can do.

    I picked up some Sweet Chili rice cakes for those "gotta have something crunchy and salty cravings", 12 is 90 calories and I think 14g of carbs. Not exactly as healthy as a carrot, but better than pringles
  5. Hey! it is going great! I had to stop my excercise as I put my neck out and went to the chiro yesterday but hoping to start up again soon!!! I picked up some fresh berries and cherries for a sweet treat today! I was thinking they were expensive but then thought if it were any other day I would not blink at grabbing a bag of chips and a bottle of pop for the evening! SO much better!!! How bout you?
  6. How is Day 5 going for you?
  7. yup! It would be very easy to grab the bag of chips that is hiding in the basement!!! I was just searching for some lunch ideas - I have basically the same lunch every day and am sure that I will start wanting variety soonner or later!!! cucumber tomato and light feta with balsamic vinegar and today I had a ham and cheese wrap - hoping to hold me full till dinner!!!
  8. Thanks for the advice. I'm even more off target today, but it is amazing how full I feel eating consciously rather than just shovelling in empty calories. So glad you posted this challenge.
  9. Eating under target is bad as well- that is how I think I gained my weight - as whenever I track what I eat - I have a hard time reaching my target low end. It slows your metabolism when you eat too little or irregualr. Of course everyone is different but that is where I am at with the whole thing! I am an evening snacker so I can sneak in my last calories then but in a healthy way now!!! No more chips!!!
  10. great ideas on the snacks.

    i've been using MyFitnessPal. I ended up 569 calories under my target yesterday. Would have been 200 but I earned some back going for a fast paced walk last night before dinner. Figured if I delayed dinner for a while then I wouldn't want to be eating my hand by bedtime.
  11. 7-10 seems to be when I search for snakcs too!!! More like 730 after I put the kids to bed - I have been eating a grapefruit and 14 walnut halves at that time. Grapefruit takes me a while as I only eat the pulp parts - none of the skins / membranes. And the walnuts give the crunch! I have also been tracking what I eat on sparkpeople....figures I may as well go all the way!
  12. Day one was easier than I thought. though I have to admit I really wanted a cup of Chocochino after dinner. I guess 7-10 is going to be my worst time. Bored and looking for a snack.

    Good luck with Day 3
  13. Lol! I guess all that water really is good for something!!! I am off to a great start for day 3!!!! Hope day 2 goes well!
  14. Awesome! I've got 6 glasses of water in me so far and my exercise is coming from running upstairs to the loo all the time
  15. Woohoo!!! Awesome!!!

    So far so good!! After just one day I cannot beleive how much better I slept!!!! Great start to day 2 - just got back from my walk, now to stretch and do housework!!! Here's to agreat junk free day!!!
  16. Here we go! Day 1 no Junk!!! Hope you had a good start to the day.

    I threw two biscuits away this morning just so I wouldn't be tempted.
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