my cats

(my 1st batch that sadly expired last yr after 16/17 yrs) and my new batch, whom are almost all at home with us!

Roxy, Santha and Abigail greeted me at the door like doggies during my university years. They paced with me whilst I was in labour, They all died within months (winter 2007) of one another at ages 16/17. The first 2 went in their sleep, but poor Samantha I nursed for her last week or so, shaving her body in an effort to apply pain patches. She was in so much pain she cried as tho she was a cow. In the end, I could not let her endure more, and i hugged her as she went to the big scratching post in the sky.

Sally has been her almost a month. Dec 22nd she shall be joined with birth sisters Prolly and Serendipity (we only planned on getting Sally one sister - the runt of this litter. When you see Serendipity's picture, you will understand why we took them both!

Hopefully, they shall get along grandly, and become great sisters! (Sally was born September 14 and is roughly 4 weeks older than the other 2)

ty fer induging me & my kitty pics :D
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