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  1. No worries then, I am sure it will hit the next stop soon if you mailed it last week, sometimes these take time.

    Smiles, Haleine
  2. Hello,
    to be honest I am sure, it was one of the envelopes that I had for a couple of weeks and then mailed out last week. I am not sure if you saw my post regarding trains I have received in the past couple of weeks? But things have not been great around here. I am sure it went out, as I have no trains here anymore.
    Thanks Lindsay
  3. Hi Lindsay,
    Curious if you have seen the "See you later Alligator" train sent out by Kaimu22. The rider ahead of you indicated that it was mailed heading to you on July 30th. Any sightings???

    Smiles, Haleine
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