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  1. Hi Amira,

    I apologize, although I have a fairly extensive background in technology, I do not have any experience with these tablets. As always my advise is to ensure your are clear upfront what you wish this technology to help you do. If you are looking for something to use to browse........or install coupon apps:0, I'm sure it would be great. Beyond that, I am not familiar with what it would do. Like you stated, I'm sure you could exercise the return policy. I'd give it a shot Either way, I'm intrigued, please let me know what you decide.

  2. Hi hannahtjmom!

    i read your comment about my pcplus offers, that if i buy 2 proscan tablets it's like getting one for free. I have never used this tablet, but if you know something about it do let me know. Your points calculation was so good that i am thinking about buying it if they are good.

    or should i just buy these tablets and return within 14 days if i dont like it?

    Anxiously waiting for your reply!
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