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  1. Thank you so much for popping in and sayine Hi. I so miss seeing you on all the time. I wish you and your family a wonderful Holiday Season, and a great 2010. Take care, and hope to see you soon, Moe.
  2. I know that it has been ages since I have been on, but I am quickly stopping in to say HI and wish you a super duper Merry Christmas!!!
  3. Have a great Easter Weekend, Moe.
  4. Pop in again, hope all is well, Moe.
  5. Just popping in to say hello!
  6. Welcome Angel, lol shaman's ego just about burst when we made that group for him.
  7. Glad to see ya back Mom, you take care of yourself, and we'll gab later, Moe.
  8. Hey you

    I have missed you...Thank you for all of your kind and wonderful words

  9. Happy Valentine's Day, have a wopnderful day, Moe.
  10. Hiya, just dropping by leaving a note saying have a great week, Moe.
  11. Just checking to see if you survived the holidays, back to school day, hope all is fine, take care, Moe.
  12. Stopping in and saying Hello, all ready for Christmas?
  13. Just a note saying Hello.
  14. Just thought I would pop in and say Hello.
  15. Have a great and Happy Birthday, go out there and do something crazy, you so deserve getting out and having some fun, Moe
  16. Good morning mom, how have ya been? All is well here, see ya later, Moe
  17. Hey there mom, how's everything going? The little one is doing really well with school, enjoys it a bunch. Were on our way to a play date with one of the other children in he class, gab later, Moe.
  18. Good Morning, just in wishing you a great day, and a wonderful weekend, Moe
  19. Hi there, how are you doing this fine day? Thanks for all the great posts you've been doing, Moe
  20. Thank you, figure it goes well with the name. How are things going lately? Seems to be settling down a bit here. The little one has a friend at school now, a little boy, so she seems to be enjoying it more, thank goodness. Gab with ya tomorrow, got the day off.
  21. Gald to hear everything so far is so good. Thanks for all the great posts lately, there awesome. Talk to ya later, Moe
  22. Thank you Sweetie!!!

    My Peanut is back to being healthy and happy, so I am feeling mighty lucky as they gave her very strong antibiotics that are from the penicillin family and we weren't sure if she was going to have an allergic reaction.

    So far so good
  23. Morning, gotta run the little one to school, back in a bit. Glad to see your not worried anymore, and feeling lucky!
  24. Good morning, school actually went fairly well for the little one, now to see how her second day goes tomorrow. Gab with ya later, Moe
  25. I am thinking about you today

    Hope your day is going great!!!
  26. Hi there, how was your weekend? Not much doing around here, made some salsa this afternoon, now trying to get the house straightened up before the work week begins, talk to you later, hope all goes well tomorrow with your little one starting back to school, talk to ya later, Moe
  27. My Peanut started regular Kindergarten when she was 4...
    It was the hardest thing for me, but she actually made me so proud.
    Darn right I am here for you...
    kindergarten is a hard time for us Mom's...
    Anyway, I hope that you have a great day!!!

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