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  1. since you live like one hour away from L.A. and my gorgous gale is in LA--if i give you gas money, will you kidnap that sexy man for me?
  2. LOL whatever works!!! i still think you should name him trouble or aqua...aquacat..rofl no not aqua cat...
  3. Your very welcome. I sent ya Chandra's addy. As for the ball of fluff, I had to break out the NOISE BOX aka the Vacuum, he liked the water.
  4. god i'm a dumbutt today

    i got your card today, and i love it!!!! thankyou so much. i need to get chandra's from you, i have more to mail friday. i don't know where the devil i put her addy. lol.
  5. don't worry harley, they're there. tattoos and piercings, posted yesterday at 11:58. lolcat musta been into the sauce again LOL!
  6. don't worry rebate isn't causing too much trouble! i'm just tormenting her. she's trying to credit me with bringing bubblekat in and getting everyone voting, when it was rebate that noticed the problem with the whole dang voting system.

    glad your around. been missin ya. hope he gets his movie soon. i thought when they told me a week, they were nuts. took me 2 weeks to get the g/c from arizona.

    should be hearing something about the contest soon, the voting has ended. *crossing fingers, eyes, and toes for chandra!*

    glad justin is doing good in school. he sounds like a great kid.
  7. Hi, Sorry I have not been on. I have been on interviews. Chandra should be getting her computer back soon. Nothing about the contest, but Ralphs gave her a $50.00 gift certificate because of the cake. Justin well he is doing ok as far as school goes. Monday when I was down there the movie had not come yet. I have rushed through here just to find the words. I have no clue what is going on. Everyone says Hi..
  8. don't believe the lies that crazy beotch rebatequeen is spewing! LOL.

    how is chandra, is she back on line yet? has she heard anything about the contest? how is justin liking school? did he get the movie yet??
  9. there is alot to this site. i've been on since febuary and just found out about "the gamesroom thread". i tend to stick close to home, the sheknows points and prizes thread under freebies. but i do wander into the gamesroom thread, (you can see that under forums home).

    ya, there's alot here. just hop on yer bike and cruise around. if you need help finding something just ask! ask anyone anything, they're all quite friendly here

    most are harmless...
  10. Hello, I still can't figure out my way around here. Yes we are close family even though we are scattered everywhere.
  11. you are welcome! nice to meet you. you have an awesome family. it so heartwarming reading the comments they leave for justin. he's loved alot!
  12. Thank You for the invite.
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