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  1. Good luck!!
  2. Thank You for all you have done. I'm not that active in the group. I am out looking for work.
  3. You're welcome! I like how this whole thing worked out. I'm the one who figured out who the downvoter was and brought the info back here to SC. That got NS talking to Chandra and got everyone here voting for Justin. Then Chandra joined and the rest is history. Of course, none of it would have happened if it wasn't for NS-she's our most social and most funny SCer.
    Well anyway, welcome to the crazy group! It's fun here. I have a regular US forum that I stick to, but I love the P&P thread here and the Food Fight thread.
  4. Thanks again
  5. ok, cool...just wanted to make sure!
  6. I hope you're feeling better. Thanks for all the voting for Justin.
  7. Yes I saw it thanks alot. I have been wondering around playing games. Banking my candy. Posting pics in albums. I am slowly learning the suff.
  8. Duh...just figuring out that you are Justin's grandma. Forgive me, I've been sick this last week. I'm the one that was mistaken for Justin's mother because of all the ranting I was doing at one point during the contest...LOL!!
  9. I put a link for the Site Over View in the P&P thread for you. I wasn't sure if you saw it, so I'm posting a message here. It really helped me a lot!!
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