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  1. Hello,
    I have absolutely no idea....sorry. Right now I am down on the Sunshine Coast untill mid March, escaping wicked Calgary weather! After 30 years of surviving winter there, I wanted to try something different. We are fussing because the weather might go to minus 9 sometime soon here.....HeHe!
    I called the store here in Sechelt to find out........ I have been reading that a lot of members have called but their stores dont know yet.
    IT was on of my to do list things to track down a Pharmasave in Calgary, so I am glad to see there are some for us there as well.
    Just try giving them a call to find out.......
    good luck,
    cheers from
  2. question for you, I noticed that you live in calgary, do you know if the pharmasave here or in Airdrie will be doing the double coupon event this weekend, I called the airdrie one and they said no. Thanks!!
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