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  1. I'm back baby, how r u HG? Have missed you as well, hope things r going ok, and will catch up with u real soon, Moe.
  2. Hey there sweetie, Happy 2013!!! Hope it is filled with lots of love and laughter. Chat soon, Moe.
  3. Hello my dear friend, all is good, just keeping busy. How ya been doing?
  4. mo!!!

    hey! hope you're well!
  5. Hi there Sweetie

  6. happy easter!
  7. To the lady who puts the Heart in Heartday, Happy Valentine's my friend.
  8. LOL!
    hope you have a fabulous 2012!
  9. Moe New Years Eve
    Moe New Years Day

    Any Questions? LOL. Happy New Year my dear friend.

  10. happy christmas!
    hope you have a wonderful holiday season!
  11. Thanks for the reppers HG, hope you have a great hump day.
  12. I've missed you too HG, baut am gonna be around alot more this winter, gettin back into the whole contesting thing.
    Talk soon and tc, Moe.
  13. MOOOOOOE!!!!!!
    gee i've missed ya!
  14. Just Pooping in to say Hi HG.
  15. hi moe! hope you're well. not sure how much i'll be around this w/e but i'm sure we'll catch up one of these days!
  16. Hey there HG, just going to work, but hope to catch ya over the weekend, Moe.
  17. Thanks for the rep HG, will try and get chasing ya around more in the next couple weeks. Have fun and stay outta trouble, Moe.
  18. They both are but the oldest is so excited. She loves school, just hope it stays that way when she gets older, as for me, I am ready for back to school. They are good girls, but that youngest one knows how to push everyone's buttons. Any big plans for you in the next little while?
  19. that's just awful! sounds like you guys have a great event planned. i hope you have perfect weather and a great turnout!

    are your girls looking forward to going back to school as much you are
  20. He's 3.5 years old, and not quit a month ago they found a tumor on his brain stem, non operable. We are doing a big street fair type event this Sunday to help raise funds for the family. We have a silent auction, yard sale, bottle drive, tons of kids games, pony rides, dunk tank live music and lots of food. Another fireman wife and I have been putting it all together, and it's been such short notice, but the poor little guy started radiation last monday, so far he feels ok, but you just don't know.
    On a brighter note, the girls go back to school Tuesday, (the grandpa is also the school custodian), and I will have hopefully alot more free time in the mornings to paly about.
  21. that's terrible about your friend's grandson!!! what kind of benefit are you working on?

    i look forward to chasing you around the games room again
  22. I hear ya HG, pretty much the same here, work has been iffy, now getting the kids ready to go back to school,,and the last 3 weeks, have been planning a benefit to help a friend of ours grandson who just found out, he is terminally ill, that's where all our extra time and energy has been going. Poor little fellow. I promise once the kids are back to school I will be popping in much more often for a visit. Hope all is well, and miss ya, Moe.
  23. same same, moe
    nothing special happening. life goes on, eh?
    glad to see you!!!!
  24. All is well HG, just been so darn busy this summer, especially the past few weeks. How have you been?
  25. MOE!!!
    how are you?!!!
  26. Been hiding, not really. First I was having computer problems, then life just got busy busy. But all is well, how have you been?
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