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  1. MOE!!!
    how the heck are you?
    where have you been?
  2. don't forget the loulou contest today for the coffee maker thingie.
  3. The empty nest thing settling in? My little ones won't be off to college for some time, but already dreading the day to let them go off into the big world. But I guess they do always need us, atleast I hope so in some small way. Nothing new here either, nothing ever much happens in our little town.
  4. same old. no drama
    xx2 has gone off to university. just me and dh left.......
  5. I went out shopping once, and those darn sidekicks were on sale, so stocked up. I only go about every two to three weeks. So, anything new in your neck of the woods?
  6. you've already got over $20 in coupon savings this year?! wow! that's a great way to start the year
  7. All is well HG, how's things going with you?
  8. hey moe! how are things going with you?
  9. Hi hg.
  10. I miss our little chats as well HG, one of these days we'll have a good one. Thank you for the rep and hope to chat soon, Moe.
  11. happy new year!

    health and peace to you and yours!

  12. Hello there my friend, thanks so much for the reps. How's things been going?
  13. I know what you mean, before it was like Oh gawd, do not make me go in there, or TSC stores, now it's almost like a mini version of Walmart. But, I got the hubby a cool tool he wanted, a garmin gps, some other thing he asked for, 2 toys marked way down for the girls and these cool plastic tubs for all the girls toys, we so have to get organized in this house. Plus, who knows about winning any of the draws, which that would be pretty cool. Then to top it all off, brought home a late dinner for the family and since I had to wait, the girls at DQ accidently made a Large or medium milkshake for someone and asked if I would like it for free. I was like Oh yes please, I never pay those prices for that stuff for myself so it was a nice treat.
  14. WOW! nice.
    never heard of ladie's night at CT! they've got great stuff in there now.. not just *guy* stuff
  15. CT is Canadian Tire, we got a free basket which had a few things in it, then got a couple other freebies along the way, nothing major, but put my name in atleasst 10-? free draws, so hopefully I get lucky and win something else. Plus, spent a small fortune, but ended up winning anywhere betweem 10-100 Canadian tire money back on your purchase, well I got a 10 so got $25.70 back in CT money. Plus bought the hubby everything her requested and a couple things for the girls for christmas.
  16. good luck, moe
    what's CT?
  17. HI HG, just heading out the door for a ladies night at CT, will have to fill ya in if I win anything or get a great deal.
  18. Me too hg, I try from home and from work the days i am able to. Hope u have a nice Sunday.
  19. hey moe! sorry i missed ya!
    hope you and family are well.
  20. HI HG, just popping in to see how you have been. Talk soon, Moe.
  21. thanks for the birthday greeting!
    hope you're having a great day.
    one of these days i'll catch you in the games room!!!
  22. Happy birthday my dear friend. Hope you have a great day, and wonderful year.
  23. HI ya HG, thanks for the rep and the congrats, ya a gnome, and one that snorkels, lol. I t will look cute in the garden. Have a great nite, Moe.
  24. HI there HG, thanks so much for the rep boost. Hope you are enjoying the weekend, Moe.
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